Audiobook Publishing

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What we offer

Do you want to develop as an author and break new ground? Do you want your stories to find their place in the increasingly important audiobook market? Then we can help you to successfully produce your digital audiobook and bring it to market.

What's included in our service

• Delivery of your audiobook to the stores
• Automated conversion of your audio files
• Checking, technical validation and assistance in optimizing your audiobook before sale
• The ISBN is provided by us free of charge on request
• No long contract commitment - you can cancel the distribution at any time with a notice period of 4 weeks
• You receive 55% of the net proceeds generated by your audiobook (monthly billing)

Why an audiobook?

The first audiobook is at least as big a step for authors as publishing their first eBook. But we are firmly convinced that this step is worth it, because...

• Audio is the format of the future
• you can reach new target groups with audiobooks
• with audiobooks you earn in the long term

Do you need help and tips for your own professional audiobook production?