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Weekly Update - We got you covered
Weekly Update - We got you covered
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This group will aim to provide unbiased and "non-poisonous" comments on the books posted within it. There are no genre restriction, Novel, poems and Short Stories, any form of stories can be posted here! Group Restrictions: - Posts of promotions must include the link for your book - No external links (except if needed for comments or suggestions) - When you are criticizing a book, indicate it on the post HERE Requirements for joining: - Must be open-minded - Unbiased - Must be active for at least 4 hours a week Banned: - No spamming and posting of External links without connection to the aim of the group - No flaming, no bullying, and no harsh criticism allowed - Do not judge a book just from it's blurb Allowed: - Any posts are allowed as long as it doesn't conflict with anything above Happy reading! ^_^
Topic Weekly
Topic Weekly
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Have you noticed that you stick to one genre while writing books? Maybe you want to widen your writing style, but just don't know how? Then this is the perfect group for you! Topic Weekly is a fun group that focuses on one writing topic each week. Not only will there be a new topic each week, but one topic will not be repeated unless a group member requests it. Each topic will be changed on Monday morning between 7-9 am Mountian Pacific Time (Washington, America). I will also be looking for support and admin people who are on at least 3-4 times a week. Fun contests will be held, but within the group only. In group contest means that they are not a scheduled bookrix contest and are for the fun of it, so pease do not get those confused. I look forward to reading and reviewing many peoples works! This should be a friendly user's group, so please no abusive language or inappropriate comments in posts. Thank You, Something New
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WHAT DOES L.A.P.D. DO? We launch your Final retail ready book to all groups within our BOOKRIX community and they pay directly to you- the author via your bank account, or western union. (direct to the author.. you wrote it you should get paid for it right away! It's your hard earned work) We believe that this forum should be your first money earner if you've signed up with BookRix! If we have done our job, please- only then will you donate 20.00 dollars in U.S. currency to our little group working on your behalf (per book). BookRix is a great forum to practice self reliance and we have the numbers in this wonderful forum to start off such a program that can grow to be a great boon for all our BookRix authors, thus we have created this group just to give our BookRix members a kick off on their trek into the world of writers and getting immediate cash to help them out along their journey into the world wide web! We are open to suggestions. Email me at: God bless us all! ; ) To submit your retail ready books only... you must have a email and must activate your "hangouts" so we can first get all your information and book ready for its' first launching on BookRix once it meets our guidelines (that it's truly retail ready).
True Blood Fanatics
True Blood Fanatics
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Sorry about that I meant to introduce myself. I have been a member here on Bookrix Since January 2011. I am 38 almost 39 years old in July of this year with 2 kids. All my other info you all can go to my page and read it there. I love all types of vampire...supernatural books and TV shows or movies. But any who I put this site together to give the writers out here a different place to write about the best TV Series I think has hit TV and that is True Blood. So to make a long story short this Group is directly and indefinitely about True Blood stories whether they are fan-fic, stories similar to the books and or series with the same names as the Author of The Sookie Stackhouse Novels and or parodies of that sort. If you like to write poetry make sure it names something about True Blood either characters, lifestyles or anything that relates to it. If any entry doesn't pertain to that then it will be removed and you can place it in the all to many other wonderful Groups here. This group is a group like no other. Instead of the normal vampire...or supernatural based books. I have made this group up for those of us who love the HBO TV Series True Blood. There will be some major things that if you plan on becoming a part of this group you must understand. The stories should be fan-fic, or books with the names that deal with the characters of True Blood or The Sookie Stackhouse Novels. I will also consider parodies as books within the group. I will not be a writer but I will be reading your stories if they don't qualify as what I have listed above then they will be deleted. Sorry but there are so many other vampire groups that you are able to put those books into. When it comes to the books here they can follow a romantic, erotic and horror genre. Just make sure you abide by the rules listed above. Thanks to all of you angelapriest (main moderator)

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