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Gruppen „thank you very much“

Es wurden 4 Gruppen für den Suchbegriff „thank you very much“ gefunden.

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Books Forever!!!
Books Forever!!!
  • 26 Mitglieder
Hey guys, here you can recommend books for people to read and so forth...after all, we are all BOOKWORMS!! So come one and all to join this little group. P.S. There aren't really any rules that'd just be boring right but please don't bring any drama here. ~Thank you very much!~
  • 44 Mitglieder
To help yourself you must be yourself. Be the best you can be when you make a mistake learn from it, pick yourself up and move on. the only person who know about yourself is you and don't be afraid to be awesome because sometimes being weird and unique is good. ADD MY GROUP IF YOU ARE AGAINST RACIST, HATERS, CRITICIZERS, GOSSIPERS, JEALOUSLY, ABUSERS, RUMORS AND LIES. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
  • 4 Mitglieder
Hi, I’m a proficient, efficient and diligent Graphic Designer with several years of experience. My expertise has afforded me the privilege of helping several famous authors get their books published in a professional and timely manner. My philosophy of work is, “what I do is as important as when and how I do it.” I will help you alleviate all challenges associated with publishing, formatting and graphic design. Please i am ready to design any book covers, with free mock up, at a very cheaper rate. Here is my profile link. Thank you very much
The Writing Prompt Center
The Writing Prompt Center
  • 35 Mitglieder
Hello, everyone! Thank you very much for looking into this group. This is a place where all writers can find and respond to writing prompts! Anyone can post a prompt, and everyone can respond to them! All you have to do to respond is write up a story that matches the prompt and post it in a comment on the prompt. Easy, right? But I don't want you to worry! This is NOT Creative Writing class. You won't be graded on your responses. They'll just be read and possibly commented on. Now,, why choose my group to be about writing prompts? Easy! I think that writing prompts are really useful when warming up after hours away from a book, or as an exercise to help you become a better writer so your books and yourself can fulfill their potential. So, join the group and become a better writer today!
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