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World Domination: Ideas, criticism, comments and Information
World Domination: Ideas, criticism, comments and Information
  • 17 Mitglieder
This group is all about the book series "World Domination". You can read the book and post comments, idea's, or criticism. You may also request what type of powers you would have if you were in this book! Give me a little information about yourself and I will determine which powers you would have and which club you would be in if you were among the teens in the second book. Clubs: Vampire Hours, Only The Dark, Shifters Life, and To The Sun. Vampire Hours: -Kazimir- Yori, Marvel, Trixa, Neon, Linus, Kendra, Phil, Nikon, Zenis, Xene. Only The Dark: -Matthew-, David, Gillian, Kate, Jacob, Stephanie, Cheeze, Teruko, Morez, Anxo, Anne. Shifters Life: -Halina- Gavin, Stepan, Boox, Wall-E, Elsy, Mikol, Maddy, Tatiana, Nina, Lola. To The Sun: -Gubs- Greta, Fiore, Vladimir, Abby, Kaylee, Linda, Neco, Kib, Baxe, Gubs jr. It would be great to get positive feedback on my book! You may also discuss the book.
  • 25 Mitglieder
This group is for all the beloved role players! It can be any type of Role Play. Heres the deal you have a main character that you use. Anything can happen before you start role playing create a little bio for It and explain your character. The character can be anything (EX) a wizard, human, anthro, wolf, magical creature, made up creature, dolphin, ANYTHING the only rule is HAVE FUN! my character is named Thea she can transform into a winged wolf and she has a amulet. at day she is a white winged wolf and her necklace is a sun and night she is black and her amulet is a moon at dawn and twilight she is grey and her amulet is a moon and sun. her human form is a 18 year old teenager and she has a enchanted sword and her left eye is gold and her right eye is crystal blue. ENJOY!
Vampires heart
Vampires heart
  • 318 Mitglieder
this group is meant for vampire fans and anyone. twilight, breaking dawn, midnight sun, marked,vampire diaries this is the place for you. and allso this group is also a self repected group this is a group you can ask for help in stories of all sort we are all here to help you. Diese Gruppe ist für Vampir-Fans und alle, gemeint. Dämmerung, Breaking Dawn, Mitternachtssonne, markiert und Vampire Diaries ist dies der Ort für Sie. allso und diese Gruppe ist auch ein selbst repected Gruppe Dies ist eine Gruppe, die Sie um Hilfe in Geschichten aller Art fragen, können wir alle sind hier, um Ihnen zu helfen.
Music Is My Life (Rock, Scream-o)
Music Is My Life (Rock, Scream-o)
  • 18 Mitglieder
You have to like these bands to join: seether, Hollywood undead, 5 seconds of summer, green day, three days grace, of mice and men, 21 pilots, Sleeping with sirens. black veil brides, Fall out boy, Korn, My chemical Romance, slipknot, stabbing westward (No longer called that), Skillet, I Prevail, nothing more, get scared, All Time Low, The Neighborhood, Depeche mode, Linkin Park, Puddle of mudd, Memphis May fire, Rob Zombie, Five Finger Death Punch, Metallica, Blue foundation, Breaking Benjamin, Theory Of A Deadman, Mumford and Sons, Evanescents, Red Sun Rising, Placebo, Snow Patrol, Paramore, Seasons After, Limp Bizkit, Beartooth, 30 seconds to mars, Chevelle, Coleman Hell, Dirty Heads, Fever Ray, Franz Ferdinand, Ghost, Halestorm, In This Moment, Like a storm, My darkest days, Nightcore, Benny benassi, Sam Smith, Sevendust, Starset, Vol Beat, The white stripes, we are harlot, yellow card, 311, trapt, disturbed, mudvayne, stone sour, papa roach, all that remains, godsmack, Knife party, And last but not least... BRING ME THE HORIZON!!!
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