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Philosophy of life and other essays
Philosophy of life and other essays
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I have uploaded above booklet containing reflections on topics such as Philosophy of life, Purpose of life, Meaning of life, Existence of God, Morality, Women's liberation etc. It is also available at following URL I would appreciate your comments on content of the booklet. With best regards, (B. J. Gupta)
The Debate Club
The Debate Club
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Welcome all you strong-hearted debaters! There are no restrictions to the topics, though it is appreciated if you try to refrain from using spiritual-only arguments. These are just some suggested guidelines so we can keep a civil and friendly debating atmosphere: (1.) Try to stay a secular as you can, debates are welcome on religion and spiritual morality, but please have some intellectual backing to them. (2.) Keep the language to day-time television. There are plenty of ways to get your point across without sounding like a well-educated sailor. (3.) Don't be rude. This is the closet thing to a rule we have. Harassment and fighting will not be tolerated. Your topic will be deleted on the first offense. On the second, you will be removed form the group. (4.) Use proper grammar. Typos, common mistakes, and confusion are fine, but don't argue with "omg ur just trn to fite me bruh." That's it, so just debate to your heart's desire!
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