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Learn to Fish and Eat Forever:  The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Investing
Justin Giles Learn to Fish and Eat Forever: The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Investing
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  • Ab 12 Jahren
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"Learn to Fish and Eat Forever: The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Investing" is a concise, how-to style [mehr]

Stichwörter: real estate, real estate investing, justin, justin giles, short sales, investing, money, economics, distressed properties, property investment, investments, real, estate, learn to fish, learning real estate, realtor, investor, houses, [mehr]

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justin bieber
cheyenne ney justin bieber


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there aint one

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Justin Bieber
x3 ♥ Justin Bieber

und mein Geheimnis...

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Ich habe ein Geheimnis, dafür würden tausende Mädchen sterben. Ich jedoch verkrieche mich in meinem Zimmer und weine.

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Justin bieber
gemma crangle Justin bieber

the best

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justin bieber is a lovly boy and he finds his self in a new world new place ...just [mehr]

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Justin Bieber
A.L.MILLER Justin Bieber

what do people think of me?

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Justin Giles
Justin Giles
  • Englisch

Justin Giles is a founding partner and Chief Investment Officer of GHI Capital.  As an Ivy League early graduate, receiving his B.A. in economics from Cornell University, he has been featured in Black Enterprise magazine, Uptown Magazine, and other various publication, as well as having been contacted by an array of educational institutions for his expertise, including Emory University.


As the CIO, he is responsible for the development of the fundamental investment process.  Over the years, Mr. Giles has maintained a flawless track record in getting his clients above market returns on their portfolios.


Prior to co-founding GHI Capital in 2006, Mr. Giles was a Broker at SWG Realty.  Amazingly, as the market went down, Mr. Giles was able to make significant profits where others were getting out of the business.  He was able to do this because he developed a way to capitalize on a down market, and hedge against risk.  Thus, in a good market or a bad market, investors with GHI Capital will have a greater potential to receive above market returns.

After profiting in the business and managing over 150 million dollars in real estate assets, many people sought after his advice to invest in real estate.  The founding of GHI Capital was to give people a hands off approach to real estate investing.  Having worked on Wall Street, Mr. Giles saw firsthand the greedy practices of investment banks and wanted to give the common person a chance to get the above market returns they truly deserve.


Learn to Fish and Eat Forever:  The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Investing was born out of Mr. Giles’ experience, will to help the common person, and overall real estate moxy.  If you are looking to learn about real estate, enhance your knowledge of real estate, or gain greater insight into your own real estate practices, then you have found the guide you are looking for.     

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