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Andy Whitfield
Andy Whitfield
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IN GEDENKEN AN ANDY WHITFIELD (gest. September 2011 im Alter von nur 39 Jahren) Hauptdarsteller in "Spartacus-Blood and Sand". Du warst der Beste! Unoffical Fansite:,r:14,s:0,i:99
Book Cover Requests
Book Cover Requests
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Come one, come all! If you can't quite get the cover you want, put in a request or ask one of our friendly admins to create one for you! Make sure that you post: 1. Ideas you want for the cover 2. Title and a authors name 3. Desired design (colours, mood e.g. happy, sad) 4. You can also email through an image that you may want turned into a cover (ask any one of us for our email address) We will be thankful if you do NOT post any X-Rated books on the booklist or request X-Rated covers. Remember though, we do have lives, so if you're request isn't met in an amount of time please don't get angry at us. We'll work hard to make every request fulfilled when we can.
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