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Gruppen „ice“

Es wurden 4 Gruppen für den Suchbegriff „ice“ gefunden.

Gruppen (4)

Ice clan
Ice clan
  • 18 Mitglieder
This is Heatherstar and i own a clan. it is about cats from warrior cats. My warriors are: Leader: Heatherstar: light golden with a good attitude. Deputy: Dawnlight: Goldish silver and is loyal to the clan. Medicine cat: threeclaws, all black and only has three claws on each foot. Mistycloud: Silver and is the best at hunting. Lemonlight: light lemon yellow and was captured by twolegs but was brought back by the clan. Riverpaw: Bluish whitish and was found in the river. Queens: Blossomspot: Has a big pinkish spot on her back. Kits: Blizzardkit:All white and was found outside when Graystar was taking a walk. Starkit: Black & gray has yellow tips on her claws and was thought of being a star when her eye was the brightness when she was found on the road.
dragkonian academy
dragkonian academy
  • 7 Mitglieder
dragon and human hybrid thats a dragkonian a dragkonian acedemy be a dragon writer or a dragon trainer or a normal dragon normal dragon elements fire-ice,fire,ice,dark fire, dark ice, light fire,light ice,dark,ice for administrators you can be teller guard a high honor and soon if yuo write and have 100 veiws own make us a group series if you are moderator you can be the teller you control the whole group every week we change moderators.
Wolf pack
Wolf pack
  • 52 Mitglieder
Hello, I am the Alpha, Silver. I want to make a pack. I am a silver she-wolf with a gray head like the group picture. I have ice-blue eyes, which I could see sharper than the other wolves. I am also good at hunting (not trying to boast). And I swear to make the best group you've ever joined before. -Silver
Fantasy realm for all the elements ^^
Fantasy realm for all the elements ^^
  • 10 Mitglieder
This group is about the seven elements and how they are people with living thoughts and emotions and their mother is none other than Mother Nature so they are her children ^^ the elements are: Ice, Fire, Darkness, Light, Air, Earth, and Water
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