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Gruppen „humans“

Es wurden 3 Gruppen für den Suchbegriff „humans“ gefunden.

Gruppen (3)

Supernatural Creatures safe haven
Supernatural Creatures safe haven
  • 2 Mitglieder
In this group, all my fellow creatures who go bump in the night can come and be their self without criticism or humans intruding on your life. Here, we can be open about our true nature and possibly get help if we feel we are slipping down a darker path :)
  • 19 Mitglieder
We are a clan/pack of humans with crimped or curly hir who can turn into purple wolves with silver eyes and/or silver dragons with purple eyes. This is a group for both role play and real life; if speaking in role play please put // before your comment. If talking about your character, please put *before and after your comment. Thank you.
Stay Out Of The Darkness: An RP
Stay Out Of The Darkness: An RP
  • 16 Mitglieder
You are driving home. The trip is a 5 hour trip, so you decide to take a shortcut. A black fog covers your car, This is when you crash your car in a ditch and get out unharmed. but you aren't alone. as you look around it seems others are here to.. in this forest. Creatures. mythical beings all around in the forest. be careful and watch your back Choices of character style will include humans. the creatures and all that.
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