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Gruppen „crystal“

Es wurden 2 Gruppen für den Suchbegriff „crystal“ gefunden.

Gruppen (2)

Wolves of the Elements
Wolves of the Elements
  • 31 Mitglieder
There are nine elementals. Nine packs. Have fun Role Playing! The Packs: DarkPack- Ryu(Alpha) Lyra(Beta) No healer yet FirePack- Luna(Alpha) Rose(Beta no healer yet TimePack- no alpha beta or healer yet StarPack- Crystal(alpha) no beta or healer yet IcePack- no alpha beta or healer yet WaterPack- Fraia(alpha) no beta or healer yet EarthPack- no alpha beta or healer yet LightPack- Kia(alpha) no beta or healer yet AirPack- no alpha beta or healer yet
  • 25 Mitglieder
This group is for all the beloved role players! It can be any type of Role Play. Heres the deal you have a main character that you use. Anything can happen before you start role playing create a little bio for It and explain your character. The character can be anything (EX) a wizard, human, anthro, wolf, magical creature, made up creature, dolphin, ANYTHING the only rule is HAVE FUN! my character is named Thea she can transform into a winged wolf and she has a amulet. at day she is a white winged wolf and her necklace is a sun and night she is black and her amulet is a moon at dawn and twilight she is grey and her amulet is a moon and sun. her human form is a 18 year old teenager and she has a enchanted sword and her left eye is gold and her right eye is crystal blue. ENJOY!
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