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Gruppen „acting“

Es wurden 2 Gruppen für den Suchbegriff „acting“ gefunden.

Gruppen (2)

This Corrupt World
This Corrupt World
  • 18 Mitglieder
Hey guys and girls. Does anybody but me think that this world has gotten crazy? I think it is so crazy how people get mad at someone and go bomb a marathon. Or they go shoot people at a parade. I don't think this is why God created Earth. In fact, I know it's not why he did. This world has gotten way out of control. I don't understand why people have to kill other people to get back at other people. It's so stupid. When you get mad at somebody, you should just talk it out with them like civilized people. It's inhumane to kill people just because you're mad at them. People really need to grow up and stop acting like children.
Techies United
Techies United
  • 20 Mitglieder
I was looking around for a group on here like this as I was needing some help with my website and discovered that Bookrix doesn't have any groups for this sort of thing! O_O So in conclusion I have made this group. Writers will always need help in one way or another when it computer to electronics. Whether it's their website acting up, or they can't figure out how to do a certain thing to tweak their story, they are always going to need some sort of help. That's what we're here. I'm asking for people who knows a lot about the internet to come join this group. Please, let us unite to help the united on the site. Who's with me?!
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