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Gruppen „Spam“

Es wurden 4 Gruppen für den Suchbegriff „Spam“ gefunden.

Gruppen (4)

  • 6 Mitglieder
Gruppe zum Finden und Warnen vor nervenden, destruktiven, spam-artigen Nutzern (Trolle).
Chattin' Corner
Chattin' Corner
  • 41 Mitglieder
This group is just for talking and chatting about anything! You can advertise (please don't spam, though), talk about characters, names, books, life, anything! Ideas for new books and asking for help. We'll also play some fun games and have group contests! Please enjoy the group... or not. I mean, it's your life.
Cry for me
Cry for me
  • 9 Mitglieder
Hallo alle zusammen, wie die Leser natürlich schon mitbekommen haben, lade ich meine Geschichte etappenweise hoch. Damit Ihr auch immer wisst, wenn etwas Neues gekommen ist, werde ich hier sogleich Bescheid geben ;) Natürlich dürft Ihr auch gerne Posten, auch Kritiken sind von mir gerne gesehen, denn nur so lernt man dazu ;) Doch bitte bleibt freundlich und rücksichtsvoll, das ist eigentlich meine einzige Regel (und kein Spam XDD) Ich wünsche Euch viel Spaß beim Lesen und ggf auch beim Schreiben.
Fakemon Lovers
Fakemon Lovers
  • 13 Mitglieder
For users who like creating their own Pokémon or Pokémon (Mega) Evolutions, you've come to the right place! Fakemon Lovers is a community that supports sharing your creations with others and expressing your creativity! Don't worry if you are not a Fakemon artist! If you are just a fellow Pokémon lover, you are also welcome to the group! You can feel free to rate other users' Fakemon and suggest some of your ideas to them! Who knows? Some users may be willing to take your request! However, this community has some ground rules that everyone must follow. - Fakemon creations and ratings that involve offensive language or themes will be deleted from the forum and the poster will be contacted with a warning. If that poster violates the rule again, they will be removed from the group and banned from rejoining. -This is meant to be a fun community. Any personal disputes must be settled OUTSIDE of the forum and bullying of any kind is not tolerated here. Anyone who disputes here will get two warnings before they are removed from the group, but they will still be able to rejoin at any time. However, they may only rejoin once. Anyone who posts up threats will be removed from the group and banned from rejoining. - Please remember the purpose of this community. Do not post spam, fakemon creations from other franchises (ex. Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, etc.), or completely irrelevant links. They will be removed and you will be kicked from the group if it happens too often. You may still rejoin, but only if you follow the guidelines. Fail to follow twice and you will be banned from rejoining. - Have fun and don't be afraid to post pictures of your work! We make sure that there will be no harsh criticism in the community, so it's a free place to receive positive review on your projects!
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