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ilike- jellybabies Riddles
  • Krimi
  • Englisch
  • 3683 Wörter
  • Keine Altersempfehlung
  • 1118
  • 18
Cassie's sister, Roxanne, goes missing one night with no warning. There appear to be notes containing cryptic codes [mehr]

Stichwörter: mystery, riddles, story, missing


Creative Writing: Riddles
Melissa Nichols Creative Writing: Riddles
  • Lyrik und Poesie
  • Englisch
  • 450 Wörter
  • Ab 12 Jahren
  • 1043
  • 4
Usually for this series i only publish works of a unit. Well, Riddles aren't a unit in Creative [mehr]

Stichwörter: Riddles


Riddles and Jokes
Lauren A.K.A. mystery.butterfly Riddles and Jokes

hahaha hehehe

  • Humor
  • Englisch
  • 935 Wörter
  • Ab 8 Jahren
  • 11181
  • 34
Jokes, Riddles, Etc. If you want answers to the Riddles just send me a message. If you got the [mehr]

Stichwörter: Jokes, Riddles, Etc.


The Midas Bird
Mark Scrivener The Midas Bird

And Other Poems

  • Lyrik und Poesie
  • Englisch
  • 2 Wörter
  • Keine Altersempfehlung
  • 370
  • 0
A book of poems for children (and adults) with some lyrical, some ballads, some humorous and some riddles. [mehr]

Stichwörter: Aesop, ballads, childrens, days of week, humor, lyrics, moon phases, poetry, rhyme, rhythm, riddles, unicorn


Who Got the Meat Came Off Them Bones?
William B. Naylor Who Got the Meat Came Off Them Bones?
  • Belletristik
  • Englisch
  • 3778 Wörter
  • Keine Altersempfehlung
  • 362
  • 2
How do you get the virgin to the top of the volcano without letting her know she's the [mehr]

Stichwörter: a cerebral urban crime narrative, abduction, crime drama, dry wit, mystery and suspense, riddles, secrets


Gruppen (1)

  • 8 Mitglieder
I dedicate this idea to Jazzy (stormstar1) I did not copy her idea, I love her ideas, and she has a great scense of humor. Unfortunately, I'm scared that she might say I copied her idea, but I love jokes a lot and I want to be a group moderator. Anyways, Laugh your A off with this group! Jokes and Riddles to Funny Stories and Embarrassing moments you always laugh at to Hilarious poems or whatever your brain decides to do. SO LYAO (laugh your A off) with this silly, humorous, hilarious group of comedians today! No purchase necessarily, many will enter, everyone will win :3 Hope you like the photo! PEACE, LOVE, AND SNACKS! TOODLES, ~Lala
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