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Gruppen „PRAY“

Es wurden 3 Gruppen für den Suchbegriff „PRAY“ gefunden.

Gruppen (3)

Books Made Into Movies
Books Made Into Movies
  • 121 Mitglieder
Dedicated to listing, reviewing and talking about books that were later turned into movies, and the process involved. Spawned by the recent release of Eat Pray Love. With a 2006 publication date, Elizabeth Gilbert's bestselling book, Eat Pray Love, became a blockbuster movie less than 5 years after the book was released.
Followers of Jesus Christ
Followers of Jesus Christ
  • 28 Mitglieder
This group will help Christians come together in unity to pray for others in a big prayer chain. This group is also to encourage others and ourselves to keep folloing Jesus Christ who died for us, all the way to the end.
people who need help
people who need help
  • 13 Mitglieder
for suicide people we can help or if you have no friends or just have advise we will take you in not as friends but as family. as we also pray for people and sometimes might even learn about god and his blessings.
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