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True Blood Fanatics
True Blood Fanatics
  • 167 Mitglieder
Sorry about that I meant to introduce myself. I have been a member here on Bookrix Since January 2011. I am 38 almost 39 years old in July of this year with 2 kids. All my other info you all can go to my page and read it there. I love all types of vampire...supernatural books and TV shows or movies. But any who I put this site together to give the writers out here a different place to write about the best TV Series I think has hit TV and that is True Blood. So to make a long story short this Group is directly and indefinitely about True Blood stories whether they are fan-fic, stories similar to the books and or series with the same names as the Author of The Sookie Stackhouse Novels and or parodies of that sort. If you like to write poetry make sure it names something about True Blood either characters, lifestyles or anything that relates to it. If any entry doesn't pertain to that then it will be removed and you can place it in the all to many other wonderful Groups here. This group is a group like no other. Instead of the normal vampire...or supernatural based books. I have made this group up for those of us who love the HBO TV Series True Blood. There will be some major things that if you plan on becoming a part of this group you must understand. The stories should be fan-fic, or books with the names that deal with the characters of True Blood or The Sookie Stackhouse Novels. I will also consider parodies as books within the group. I will not be a writer but I will be reading your stories if they don't qualify as what I have listed above then they will be deleted. Sorry but there are so many other vampire groups that you are able to put those books into. When it comes to the books here they can follow a romantic, erotic and horror genre. Just make sure you abide by the rules listed above. Thanks to all of you angelapriest (main moderator)
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