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L.A. Derby
L.A. Derby
  • Deutsch
L.A. Imdad
L.A. Imdad
  • Englisch
I live in Bangladesh with my family and my husband of over 20 years. I originate from Connecticut in the USA. It has been an adjustment moving from our home in New York to Dhaka, Bangladesh. Somethings you never get used to, somethings you never want to get used to. They say that people cry two times when the come to Bangladesh. Once when they arrive and again when they are leaving. I've seen it happen myself....the people are warm-hearted here and most people don't expect people that hardly have anything to be so giving. 

While I mostly write on my blogs, I've started a couple of fictional pieces and have written some poems as well. I invite you to check them all out. My blog is here: and the rest you'll find here. 

Have a positive day!
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