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The Sun and Moon Prophecy
Emberdawn the most awesomest person in the world! The Sun and Moon Prophecy


  • Abenteuer
  • Englisch
  • 1039 Wörter
  • Ab 14 Jahren
  • 213
  • 2
"Sun and Moon will meet in battle, and one shall fall." A prophecy was sent to Snakepaw, about [mehr]

Stichwörter: Moonclan, Hawkkit, Hawk, Sun, Moon, Legendclan, Dabblekit, Dabblepaw, Dabbleclaw, Graystar


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Gruppen (3)

  • 25 Mitglieder
Welcome to RockClan! My name is Graystar I am leader of the Clan. To join post a reply to the create a cat thread. Roleplaying and talking about the books is permitted here but please not promoting your own books. Here is out clan: Leader: Graystar(skysky.bluestar) Medicine Cat: Med. Cat Apprentice: Warriors: Mistfire(Tigerstar) Yellowdust(Tigerstar)Specklefur(chocolatemeerkat) Cinderleaf(chocolatemeerkat)SilverTail(coollps1234r5678) Tigerstripe(skysky.bluestar) Bluefeather(skysky.bluestar)Ivyheart(skysky.bluestar0 Apprentices: Queens: Kits: Stonekit(tigerstar)Smallkit(coolps1234r5678) Elders: Our territory consists of moonpool where med. cats and leaders go to speak with starclan. A two-leg den, forest, a small bit of open moor, and a river.
Moon Clan
Moon Clan
  • 23 Mitglieder
WARRIOR CATS Leader: GrayStar Deputy: DarkFang Med. Cat: FawnPelt Warrior: SnowFang,Emerdawn, Silverpelt, Breezeleaf, MoonFlower, Apc.: FirePaw, Woodpaw, Nightpaw, Cloudpaw Med. Apc.: none for now Kits: SilverKit Loners: none for now Kitty Pets: none for now Anyhow we live with other clans. Our area is near a river entering another clan, and full of trees and mountains, but watch out for the firebeast, that are near the blackroad.
Ice clan
Ice clan
  • 18 Mitglieder
This is Heatherstar and i own a clan. it is about cats from warrior cats. My warriors are: Leader: Heatherstar: light golden with a good attitude. Deputy: Dawnlight: Goldish silver and is loyal to the clan. Medicine cat: threeclaws, all black and only has three claws on each foot. Mistycloud: Silver and is the best at hunting. Lemonlight: light lemon yellow and was captured by twolegs but was brought back by the clan. Riverpaw: Bluish whitish and was found in the river. Queens: Blossomspot: Has a big pinkish spot on her back. Kits: Blizzardkit:All white and was found outside when Graystar was taking a walk. Starkit: Black & gray has yellow tips on her claws and was thought of being a star when her eye was the brightness when she was found on the road.
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