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eBooks „Family Relationships“

Es wurden 225 eBooks für den Suchbegriff „Family Relationships“ gefunden.

Bücher (225)

To Live & To Love
Danielle Jones To Live & To Love

The Story of Twin Sisters

  • Familie und Partnerschaft
  • Englisch
  • 14598 Wörter
  • Keine Altersempfehlung
  • 1907
  • 20
Aaliyah and her twin sister Amaya think they have it all until one of them gets pregnant and [mehr]

Stichwörter: family, relationships, pregnancy, abuse


Together Forever
Tatianna Staton Together Forever

Twins forever and ever...

  • Drama
  • Englisch
  • 1702 Wörter
  • Keine Altersempfehlung
  • 455
  • 10
Jessica and her twin sister Vannesa finally come together when she moves to South Carolina with her dad. [mehr]

Stichwörter: twins, family, relationships, friends


Where Do I Go From Here
Heidi Ashcraft Where Do I Go From Here

Where it all started

  • Familie und Partnerschaft
  • Englisch
  • 1689 Wörter
  • Keine Altersempfehlung
  • 380
  • 2
This all started when i was in middle school. I lived with my mom and was able to [mehr]

Stichwörter: family, relationships, kids, teens, adults


I Say Goodbye
Luigi Savagnone I Say Goodbye
  • Familie und Partnerschaft
  • Englisch
  • 30993 Wörter
  • Ab 10 Jahren
  • 91
  • 0
The book tells the story of Anna and Lucia, two girls of Italian origin who after a happy [mehr]

Stichwörter: Love, Adventure, Romance, Culture, Family Relationships

1,99 US$

My Life Memories: The Good and The Bad
Deborah Kaminski My Life Memories: The Good and The Bad
  • Familie und Partnerschaft
  • Englisch
  • 5551 Wörter
  • Ab 14 Jahren
  • 210
  • 0
This book was first written for a contest that I entered, but now I want to share this [mehr]

Stichwörter: non-fiction, family, relationships, life, drama

1,99 US$

The Bucket List
Nancy Yakata The Bucket List
  • Familie und Partnerschaft
  • Englisch
  • 30338 Wörter
  • Keine Altersempfehlung
  • 184
  • 1
Alex burrows herself in neglect and packed lunches as she flows herself through the last year of middle school. Throughout her [mehr]

Stichwörter: Peril, Solitude, Serenity, Drama, Family & Relationships


I hear nothing.
Nicole M. I hear nothing.

This may or may not be a poem about tragedy.

  • Lyrik und Poesie
  • Englisch
  • 334 Wörter
  • Keine Altersempfehlung
  • 287
  • 4
All her parents do is fight. All she wants to do is get away. All it takes is a [mehr]

Stichwörter: fiction, tragedy, family, relationships, fighting, motorcycles, crashing, death


Death of My Nemesis
Ginger Fernandez Death of My Nemesis

Personal Nightmare

  • Belletristik
  • Englisch
  • 15003 Wörter
  • Ab 16 Jahren
  • 272
  • 2
Book 1: You meet Frankie at fifteen described by Josephine as free spirited. As expected she loves music, [mehr]

Stichwörter: family, relationships, date rape, escape, fear, emancipation, metimorphious

10,49 US$

No More Pain
Danea No More Pain

It hurts feeling this way

  • Familie und Partnerschaft
  • Englisch
  • 6029 Wörter
  • Keine Altersempfehlung
  • 2559
  • 106
Well 15 year old tia is living a hard life and nobody knows what shes been through until [mehr]

Stichwörter: love, romance, hurt, pain, family, relationships, rape, abuse


Teaching Kids to be Good People
Annie Fox Teaching Kids to be Good People

Progressive Parenting for the 21st Century

  • Bildung
  • Englisch
  • 2 Wörter
  • Keine Altersempfehlung
  • 522
  • 18
“Not all teachers are parents, but all parents are teachers. When we teach kids to be good people [mehr]

Stichwörter: teaching, parenting, tweens, family relationships, family values, adolescent development, parenting books


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