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Gruppen „ romance novels“

Es wurden 3 Gruppen für den Suchbegriff „ romance novels“ gefunden.

Gruppen (3)

Romance novels
Romance novels
  • 29 Mitglieder
If you are a person who uses bookrix, either to read or publish or both for Romance novels then this is the group for you. If you add your ROMANCE book to the booklist, I promise I will read it and comment but only if it is Romance.
  • 12 Mitglieder
If you are intrested in Romance novels and books this is the right club for you. This purpose of this group is to help many writers like you to express your definition of romance and also creating new books
Roman D'amour
Roman D'amour
  • 17 Mitglieder
Roman D'amour is french for romance.If you have this burning urge to read romance novels you should join this group.We share different romance books and read them and share our experiences and thoughts about them. {THIS IS NOT A BOOK CLUB WHERE WE ALL HAVE TP READ THE SAME BOOK WE JUST SHARE BOOKS AND OPINIONS}
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