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This is a wonderful and thoughtful profile. I have loved everything I've read that you have written.

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Sarcasm well perceived, Olfa! I lived 15 years in Brazil where football is the religion second to none. How my dog cringed in the months of June when bombs and rockets went off! Italy, where I also lived, for 5 years, is no slouch either.

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interesting and touching profile, thanks dear olfa!


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Remembrance Of A Loved One

How you had fought so hard and fierce..,
My one true love was gone from here,
The challenge to ne made free is a question of time ?
My one solution is using my mind

Living on the edge and it's going to my head...

Sitting up at night all alone in bed,
Following the rainbow to the sky...
I see a crystal clear vision pass me by,
Our war were in is almost over ?

It's so hard to believe I lost my lover ?

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Thanks for adding me. I'm new to this and very excited!

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Welcome to Bookrix my new friend!
There are lots of excellent writers and Authors on here, and many writing contest to enter if you may so wish.


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Silence speaks louder than words.

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Welcome to the community - have fun!

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