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thank you so much for the heart!
i REALLY appreciate it.

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Glynis Rankin

Thank you for reading The Between, I'm still working to get out the kinks, but it was simply lovely to see the heart from a dear loving heart.
thanks Tonya.

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Hi Renee
I'm only passing through.
Best wishes

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Hi Renee,
Thanks for the friend request! I am brand, spanking new to Bookrix and you are my first friend. I have one unfinished children's poem saved at this point. I would love your opinion. I have a friend doing the illustrations so I am waiting on that before publishing. I have many more works I would like to publish as well. Where do you find most of the covers for your books? I looked at the choices Bookrix has but they... mehr anzeigen

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Thank you, I'm glad that you are enjoying my stories, and I will most definitely read more of your poems soon. :):):)

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you are very welcome! i really enjoyed "Rain"! i actually love reading poetry on bookrix, there are so many hidden gems!

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Gelöschter User

Thank you for the lovely comment on my poem.
Congratulation on winning K2C!!!
You are deserving

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H.Y Nept

Thanks for the request renee!

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Thank you very much for the heart on Dulces De Coco :)

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Calamity - Thank you very much for your comment. I wish you good luck for the competition

greetings from germany Rüdiger

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