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Carol Wills

Yay you did it, well done. I've had a read and voted. good luck.

Carol x

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I so seldom use the pin board, I only know how to send a message back - I'm going to send this on your board and through you e mail.

Your e mail is in the blue strip along the top that has the little envelope and a red number on top of it. To post in the forums - you either go to your group or go to the general forum...as to getting to the groups - I go to the strip along the left side - I've been on here for awhile and still... mehr anzeigen

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The easiest way for you to post in forms is to join groups and post in their discussion forms, you can also add your book to their reading list and may get a few people to check it out from doing that as well.

The Reading List, is a good group to join for book promotion and any other groups that have to do with your books genre.

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Hi I actually have read two of your works and commented on them. They were actually pretty good and they are short, so I don't see why you have problems getting people to read them. It could be that they got lost in the pile of things that they mean to read, I know I have a lot of books to be getting to myself. Just let them know that your stories are short and always post a link along with it. Good Luck.

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Seems to me no one reads my works or comments on it. Pointless putting it for all to see if nobody sees it!

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Gelöschter User

Hi Evelyn, thanks for the note! I haven't looked at your work yet but I will. What did you mean by "you couldn't get the book up" when you tried to read Korey Stevens is Dead?

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Hi Bluedragon
Hope ou are well.
Here is the link to m story:


I hope ou enjoy reading the story.
Best wishes

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Hello Bluedragon,
I hope this email find you in good cheer&health.
You can make another attempt at reading my books...I finally,FINALLY (smile) solved the problem...
Have a nice day..
Willie Price

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well it is different and i would have to take time to study it more, when I get the time it is unique, you have to admit.

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Furios Simon's Nasty Humor

i had a dream
that the cook
& shook
his fist over the
balcony & said yes
to the people
yes to the people
& and he said this
to the people
"i want four cups of stormstooper-
a tablespoon of catholic- five hedeous paranoids-
some water buffalo- a half pound of communist-
six cups of rebel- two cute atheists-
a quart bottle of rabbi- one teaspoon of
bitter liberal- some antibirth tablets-
three fourths black... mehr anzeigen

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