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J. M. Rivers


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Hi Reckless,

It is very hard to love someone who won't love back but some people have been through a lot and it is difficult for them to trust and feel safe .
Accepting that is important; so acceptance to you and understanding and no demands for what can't be freely given.

if others approach you with love in their heart remember we are brought up to believe and feel we all need love. It was a mothers love that helped us grow and... mehr anzeigen

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beautifully said. love is freely given, well doesn't mean everyone will accept it.


Thank you. Be safe.


thank you <3

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Sad, everyone should know how to love, everyone has needs, no one should judge anyone anyway and best of all always be yourself, as long as you don't hurt others

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$@m@nt#a Belize@n empre$$

Sounds nice strong love it

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Don't tell me that you love me
'Cause I won't love back
Don't tell me that you need me
'Cause I don't need that
Don't tell me that you want me
'Cause I'm on my own
And I hope you don't judge me
All I know is how to be who I am
And if you start to touch me
I hope you know the place where we stand

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J. M. Rivers


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Ahhh I miss you it’s been so long since we’ve spoken ;-;

$@m@nt#a Belize@n empre$$

I know its been too long. Dealing with life. Never will forget a part of my home


Glad you’re doing okay hun

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In her skin
Like a puppet, a girl on a string
Broke away
Learned to fly
If you want her back gotta let her shine
So it looks like the joke's on you
'Cause the girl that you thought you knew
She's so gone
That's so over now
She's so gone
You won't find her around
You can look but you won't see
The girl I used to be
'Cause she's
She's so gone