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do ya want to be added as my friend

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I think I must just call you Jon, because I named my son Jon, and I certainly can't pronounce all of the consonants that are your first name--although it sounds beautiful--just not the way I pronounce it, with my Southern drawl.
I like the fish you look so proud of in your picture.
You are the one who first told me of the writing contest (I'm quite new, here) I have submitted, but have to check to see if anyone has... mehr anzeigen

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I would prefer my "friends" actually have some idea who I am.

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Hi there!

You saved my book 'A Hostage to Delusion'.
I'd love to hear what you thought of it - pros and cons.

Thank you
M J Marlow

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With a name Sverre and Værness you can't be more Norwegian than their King Sverre by the years 1145.
After living in Norway for many years and now in Sweden, the only Scandinavian names that come across are those from Minnesota or the Dakotas, but New York?...well, happy to have one of the berserk descendant among my friends! (LOL)
Will be looking at your pages

always here

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hello sverre jon. thank you for liking my short story. also, i am always looking forward to any kind of criticism about my writing.
take care! martina

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thanks for adding me as a friend. Not only do I hope to meet and make friends on this site, I also hope to be able to hone my meager skills into quality writing someday. Will try to read some of your works soon.

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Yo. My first friend, that's great. How's it going?

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Hello there!
Thanks for adding me as a friend, I hope when I have time I can read some of your work :]

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