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Love and miss all of you book lovers! I'm getting used to the beginning of my Senior Year (class of 14!) and hope to be back on here soon! Miss you all!

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Thanks for friend request dear

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Samsam chen

make more pages for the book in love with the enemy

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Tala Nightwolf

Love your books keep up the good job!!!!!!

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Hey,Nessa!I really love how you wrote your books,any tips??

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HI.I am new here.but anyway can you be my friend?
I 'd really appreciate it.thanks!

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Your such an awesome writer! I really wanted you to update Never Forgotten, and Infected Love. AWESOMENESS!

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Hey there.. :)
just wanted to tell you that you have soo much talent ..
the way you write is amazing ..
i fell in love with every book i read.
So...to sum it up YOUR DOING A F*CKN GOOG JOB GIRL!!! :D :D :D

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hello.........why am i here? ohh yeahh to tell ya that your awesume!

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i loved ur book forgotten love and i also luv stephinie meyer and dean koonz!

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