Wanna read a werewolf series!?!? I know one! Von: KiKi XoXo
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Hey everyone, I have a series out myself called The Pack Saga. There are four books so far, and I really plan on continuing them as long as people keep reading them. So I would love it if any of you could check out my series, since you like werewolves and stuff tell me what you think and tell your friends!



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Oh my gosh this series is soo good!

Title (optional) Von: quinta
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Hey guys I’m working on a story and I want your opinion

In a world filled with magic a baby girl is born but the parents keep her a secret because even the world of magic doesn’t believe a new born baby can talk. As she grows up she keeps to herself and she knows that the world isn’t filled with magic it’s just pure science. Some people can use a higher percentage of their brain than others and logically if they use the same... mehr anzeigen