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Powerful and moving. You captured the reality of that day. Thank you for sharing.

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Again, this is amazing. The read was so smooth and gut retching that I didn't take my eyes away from the screen until it was finished. This piece is another display of your talent.

And though I was not yet able to comprehend what had happened on that fateful day(I was about five years old), I now have a better understanding of it. And even though the documentaries I've watched gave me a glimpse of the event, it never really... mehr anzeigen

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Yes, i was four when this happened--and i remember watching the news footage that night, watching the first tower fall. I also know many people who were affected by the tragedy--either having lost their fathers and mothers who worked in the towers, or had lost family that were the firefighters and police officers. I loved your word usage and the way your sentences flowed: they really did bring tears to my eyes. I watched many... mehr anzeigen

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What a powerful piece. Brought tears to my eyes!! What a tribute to 911!!

Thank you for sharing your rememberance of that tragic day!!

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thank you for sharing your memory jesswygle, and i think this is a great tribute.

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This was a really powerful memory that you have made into a poignant short story. I was a couple years older than you, but I still didn't realize just how important the towers were until that day. Later, I looked back at the photographs from my grade 11 trip to NYC and saw just how prominent the towers were in all of my photographs. It's really a strange feeling when I compare my photos of the NYC skyline in 1999 with those... mehr anzeigen

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Wow. I was a fourth grader during 9/11 and I saw the smoke from the fourth floor of the school since there's a good view of downtown Manhattan form upper Brooklyn. This was a very powerful piece to read.
I especially like how you began this, especially when you listed aspects of people's lives that will never be forgotten. The blurb was very interesting too. It's powerful enough so that it doesn't need much explanation to be... mehr anzeigen