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Wow. Again, you have written a wonderful story. It left me in awe. I loved it!

Exceptional writing!


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Review - There is definitely a little of everything in this story. Romance, mystery, adventure,western, science fiction, paranormal, all sprinkled with prose.

Your main character comes across as a strong, level-headed, logical woman out for a little break. She ends up in a much bigger adventure than she bargains for.

Definitely told with great skill. Wonderful job. Voted. Robynn

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And a vote!

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I came back and voted. Best of Luck.

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Gelöschter User


As always your descriptive prose enchants, delights and draws in the reader..one question, what is soft-shoeing?

At first, I thought this was a true event, and mayhap it is, the way you're recounting of the New Mexico desert's stark beauty can enchant with its simplicity. Every word was perfect, and the ending! I will not give it away...I found not a single thing I would change, no grammatical errors, plenty of white... mehr anzeigen

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Left me wondering who the cowboy really was. It made me think of the time I lived out in the Mohave desert in Twenty Nine Palms California.

It also made me remember of an incident that happened to me, but that's a story in itself

I remember the beautiful sunsets there and the clear night sky full of stars. Good descriptions in your writing.

Should I be looking for a Tattoo behind the ears of those I meet? That would be strange.

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Never been a fan of western cowboy type of genre but this was a good book, very describtive and I didn't really notice any mistakes, the words flowed well and trapped the spider in the web.



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what a wonderful, imaginative and slightly spooky story. I agree with ehat has already been written here. So well told, It made me feel that everything was real, at first so good job there. I loved the descriptions of the desert, the heat and dust, the colours at different times. The savage but gentle story of the cowboy. The is hypnotic writing. Evelyn/Bluedragon

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Carol Wills

Ahhh! Janice has done it again; taking us to magical places and populating our dreams with wonder.

Everything you write seems real as if you lived it and that’s the mark of a great storyteller. I wanted to meet that cowboy and steal a kiss myself.

Well done Janice, I love you superb writing skills. You must gather up all these shorts and publish them in a collection; they are wonderful.

Carol x

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I finally got to finish it. Wonderful story Ms. Janice. Your username says part of what you are a great storyteller. I found myself emerged into your vivid descriptions and quite lively characters. A great read without a doubt. I had never been a cowboy fan but this was really well told that it wouldn't have matter where it was set.

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