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Knight In White

Very meaningful and well written, Jordan.


that's so sad. i feel bad for that person.

Treavor scoggins

very good


You never really know what is going on inside someone, so be kind to everyone. A sad but great poem Jordan.


so deep ;n;


it's so true.................. i am hear wishing the world was better......................why judge when no one is better than the other

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Agreed. I believe In that^


I Liked it ❤


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I just got back online and I just saw this poem of yours and I love it . are you thinking of posting more? because if you are I'd be first in line to read them. SILVERFIN OUT!!

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I hate people who judge other for no reason and just for fun. And even if it's not for a reason I still hate it! No one knows what's ones going through, and that does not give anyone the right to judge.

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nice I usually write things like that

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it cute

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that's nice!


very inspiring poem Jordan23

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Nice rhymes
you can actually make it a song

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id be the one singing it.


Amazing! I might just put it on a poster on my wall!

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this is really good


This is very inspirational.
Good work Jordan23

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Inspiring and good :)

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This poem pretty much explains me...but I don’t cut not anymore...