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hiiii and thank you for sending a request to me for me to aceptand my profile pic is me just in case your wonderin and my background represents me alot too so im glad you enjoy it..and as for my actual long name i was born with...I BLAME THE PARENTS!!! XD

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i know that is you at the pic^^
and yes, also i knew the pic has representing you, which is the reason i find it so hardwarming^^
it shows me that there are still such persons like you on the world =D
that makes me really happy^^
such things are becoming rare^^
although actually the... mehr anzeigen

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*heart warming


yeahhh most people in my situation are highly negative so i saty awy from them and live my life to the fullest

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thats the right way! =D

did you get my massage?...i dont know it cause when i want to send the massage it stucks