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As we progress into the future, I see e-books as pretty much the only type of book to buy, unfortunately... It's sad, really, because paper books are so much more better!


I think both will continue to exist. There are those out there who realize that all it would take is an EMP or some other kind of cyber attack to wipe out all electronics. If every book was an ebook, well, they'd suddenly all be gone. We need paper.


Ooorah to that, Judy!


both types of books will be there in future cause in many places in the world the technology in not that hitech second paper books r better than the ebooks but i usually prefer ebooks but then too so i will say paper books will not be vanished
and as judycolella said we need paper

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What is this has to do with this project Ma'am?


It's a speculative movie about the future of books.