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alice haze

well, this is certainly been the long topic of debate.

in my opinion, e-book is better if u're on the go and want to travel light without having to drag all ur reading materials in a bag but instead only in a sleek e-book.

however, e-book will make u read slower than real books... mehr anzeigen

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reading is reading it doesn't matter where or what or which form you read

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I didn't expected this kind of answer.... Hahaha.


ok so e books vs real books

In my opinion both have equal pros and cons
if we have e book then there is a problem that if electricity or battery is not full then u can not read the book but if u have a real book u can read any time any where

In real book we can mark fav lines or... mehr anzeigen

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sorry i'm late for the topic e- books are better than real books because you can easily access it on computer and also more than copies can be distributed to readers who are accessing the book on net, it can be downloaded anytime you want it and some e-books are free of cost to read.

J. M. Rivers

E-books give you a wide range of books to choose from and a variety of writers. I prefer real books. Sure,I buy the book but to see it and touch,to smell the book... I mean before the internet,books were awesome,they were worth bragging about. I started loving to read and write... mehr anzeigen


Both have their merit. On the one hand, actual books add a tactile aspect to our reading that can make it more satisfying in some ways - for me, I always feel more invested when I can hold a book, turn its pages, enjoy that wonderful book aroma (especially with older volumes),... mehr anzeigen

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i'll support e-book more but both get the credit!e-book more coz u can read a book anytime frm any devise nd can even save to ur favourites there too nd read later on......u find a big range of books in internet nd easy to access...........also u can read any book u want which... mehr anzeigen


E-books.... They have their ups and downs. For instance, I like the fact that you can download them and bring them with you on the go, but you also risk the chance of losing that book because of some virus or whatever on the device that you're reading them on.

I very much so... mehr anzeigen


Plus with real books you get to fill up your bookcase with them instead of using them for decorations like a lot people like to do.