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My first work was a full-length (sorta) fiction story about a kid named Eric who is the youngest in a family of 12. Most of his siblings hate him, one or two are neutral, and only one is nice.

When his parents die, they all go to live in a mansion a relative had left to their... mehr anzeigen

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My first "work" was a fantasy story I began when I was twelve years old. In it, the protagonist (a fifteen-year-old girl quite like the personality of my twelve-year-old self) falls through an old mirror and into a fairytale land where she ends up getting lost, learning to... mehr anzeigen

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My first work was actually in 3rd grade for an essay that I had to use certain words for. Its was super fun! I wrote a few stupid stories that were really repetitive. I took a break for a few years then found this website and started writing because I just couldn't find any... mehr anzeigen


I started writing in 4th grade, it was a homework assignment. I discovered that as I went on with this story, I could just keep going and going. So I figured that I could write a book, get it published, and help support my family. My father worked out in Iraq at the time for ITT... mehr anzeigen

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I did my first work when I was 5 or 6 I think, I made my first story telling by drawing pictures on my characters, graphic novel or cover book with no dialogues, only pictures and it was called "The Police" and the main character was a white bird and he was the police... mehr anzeigen


It all started when I wrote a picture book that was incredible at my age, but I am extremely embarrassed about, but hey, you have to start somewhere. It was when I saw a snippet of a TV show my dad was watching about aliens, so I took what I saw and made the ecology of a... mehr anzeigen