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Kathy J. Rabon

I am from the U.S., but I do enjoy learning about other cultures. Someday, I'd really love to travel. At this point, I work full-time and have four children, ranging from 4 to 13. (They keep me and their daddy very busy.)

I am Christian, but repsect the beliefs of... mehr anzeigen

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Joel D. Castro

I'm from Puerto Rico, although I've lived in the U.S. for the longest time. I'm a high school student, and I currently live with my mother and sister.

I'm a christian, and I respect others beliefs, but I hate it when others don't respect my beliefs (which happens... mehr anzeigen

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I read your introduction and was interested in your published poetry as well as your writing knowledge and experience. I was hoping you would discuss these topics in this forum. Thanks for your consideration. Kathy

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I submitted one of my poems entitled "Who Am I?" (which you can find in my Inner Beings poetry book) to a website called poeticpower.com during a contest. They apparently were so impressed with it that they decided to put it in their next publication called "A Celebration of... mehr anzeigen


i am a new member here...and don't know much about this club ..
but the very first thing i did was joining this group and reading a poetry book i found here(and that was too good ...).
i love reading poetry a lot ..and i write a little bit too...but just as a beginner..
.and i hope... mehr anzeigen


Our hidden love transparent

Our soul is hidden transparent magic beauty!
Our kisses mean dance of sunshine, big bang, scream of rain!
Our hidden love transparent magic beauty!


Undesirable Desire drinking lonesome time’s passion
Yet looking-glass looks blank!
Buoyant, lucent the... mehr anzeigen


I'm brand new to this site, so it is very nice to meet you all.

My username, Kaptain Siner Wreck, is an anagram of my real name.
I'm 19 years old, and am from New York City.
I play guitar, and write some of my own music and lyrics. I'm very passionate about music, which led me to... mehr anzeigen

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Hello, BookRix poets! My name is Tom Reese, and though I've never 'officially' published anything, I am working hard at several writing projects. Poetry is something of a serious passtime of mine, something with which I can express myself and actively practice my way through... mehr anzeigen


I want u all to read and comment on my writing. It would mean soooo much to me. Pleez and thx to anyone who listens.
-Me =;-)

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Hello My name is Erica,
I just discovered bookrix and I absolutely love it. I'm 40 live in the USA and have been writing short stories, poetry and a novel that I hope to finally complete some day. I wanted to find a place to share my passion for writing and to be inspired. So I... mehr anzeigen




I am renee.321.2011

Welcome to bookrix and this is an awesome and exciting place to be. I look forward to reading your work. If you have not yet joined the Coffee Shop, Serious Writers or other groups, please feel free to do as soon as time permits.

There is... mehr anzeigen


Hi.I'm Scott.

I've just joined.I'm into poetry mainly but I'll like to branch out to other art one day.
I like reading and writing everything from traditional poetry like the romantics to experimental modern stuff.I enjoy reading,writing,music and photography.

At the minute I'm... mehr anzeigen


Hi Scott,

Welcome to Bookrix. It is nice to meet you. I look forward to reading some of your work. Don't forget to join the Coffee Shop and Serious Writers Groups. :-)