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My name's Cam. I like Zelda,Portal,Portal 2,and Mario.


My name's..... Tiffany,Tammy,Taffy okay anything with a T in it. I play,Zelda,Portal,Mario,and anything bloody,graphic,violent,or something they say guys only play. I hate when people say girls can't play these things cause I do and I'm awesome at it. xD

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I am Dustin, I like to play GTA San Andreas, Zelda, Smackdown VS. Raw, football games, killing games, so about any game that usually has an adventure, like Jake and Daxter 1-4, but the fourth one is Jake X, and I like many other games. I don't really like a bunch of games at my... mehr anzeigen

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I'm Ashley, or Ash. I love Pokemon stadeium, Zelda, Shadowgate 64, Aidean Cronicals, Halo, Halo 2, Smackdown vs. Raw, just like Tamm said, anything bloody or grafical somthing that a girl would usually shy away from. I'm the tomboy of my family so I go in head first.

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to introduce myself im zachary the confuser i mostly like zelda games pokemon tonyhawk mario just about any thing

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My name is Megan. Though I like to be called Jules, that's my nickname. But you guys can call me Megan if you want. I agree with Ashley and Tiffany. I play all sorts of games, I can't even list them all without making this post SUPER long. Lol. I like Zelda, Mario, Halo, Halo 2,... mehr anzeigen


My name is Lairen, I am 12 years old and I love playing Runescape and Minecraft.