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If I understood you right and you need a site to just put text on a picture, try this one. It's simple and no need to download anything. You can also edit the picture, they have lovely filters to help you make a great cover.



Here is the link I used over the weekend, and my Mac is still happy and Picasa works quite well:



This was really nice and helpful. Thanks a million for the post. :D

Adam Lewis LaValley

Here is a simple yet effective way to create your own cover. Now, most of us can make our own unique pieces, but a lot of the time pictures have to be borrowed from the internet. In this short tutorial, I'll show you how to create a cover out of pure imagination and...ingenuity.... mehr anzeigen


That was helpful and interesting. You did a great job in the show and tell. Thanks

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but very effective. One thing I think you need to fix. Your names. They look too small, try making them larger. I know they take a bit of space, but your surname for example, got lost in the white of the clouds. People need to see who the authors are. And from the other covers... mehr anzeigen

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Apologize if it's a bit jumbled, it's my first tutorial of this kind. Download Gimp:


I hope you know what layers are, if not have a look here: http://docs.gimp.org/en/gimp-image-combining.html

Find a picture (as always read the license first). I took... mehr anzeigen


Love it. I'm going to try it myself

I am in awe of how much you have taught yourself and shared with others, since you joined BookRix this year. You are such a star and so dear to me.
love Wendy xxxx


Tanya77. Your demo is a great help, thanks for all the time it took to explain your method. Boy, I've got a lot to learn and work through in making my next cover. I've used pre-mades till now. No more!


wow that looks so good, I've improved my new book cover but I'm having some problems can someone help me:(
i want this to come up but my old one keeps coming what do i do?



Thank you Adam and Tanya! Those are fantastic!

Anyone else who has a method - please share it!

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You know when you have an amazing story, but the cover totally degrades it. And to top it all off you don't even know where to start to make a cover truly befitting of your masterpiece, well here you are, the step by step instructions on how to make a cover that is truly worthy... mehr anzeigen


Thanks Tanya, I just saw your cover art tutorial - it's really great! I'm going to try it out. I'll let you know how it goes!

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The last one is by Ayumichizu. I just posted it here for her, so it won't get lost. When you get to try it, show us the results. :-)

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This thread was posted a long time ago by Top hat. It's a great resource for those who would love to know how to make video trailers for their books. Here's the link of the thread:


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It took only ten minutes with a photo I already had. I'm not sure if I will replace the other book cover I have, but I was experimenting regardless. Thanks for the tips ^_^



It looks great! I love the photo with that title - I just read on a "Best Book Covers of 2012" list that most people like really bold title fonts, so you could probably make your title a little bolder, but other than that - it's fantastic!

Great job!


I would have to bow out. I am NO TECHNO, which is a great pity 'cos I shall be looking for a good cover that includes one of my photos in the back or as the background. Wish I was handy at this sort of thing, stop me looking like the dumb idiot (in techn o) that I am. But I... mehr anzeigen


I need to master that!


Thanks Rebecca!

Good Stuff! xD

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wow that is so cool ill try it


I also recommend picasa