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Save Myself
Jasmine Austen Save Myself

A One Direction Fanfiction

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I have been abused. I have been betrayed, left to die in this lonely world, to lose myself. I guess I would have died if it weren't for Louis Tomlinson, that no-good fool saved me. My name is Karina Adams and this is my love story.

Stichwörter: Louis, Love, Harry, Styles, Zayn, Malik, Karina, Niall, Horan, Liam, Payne, Trust, Anger, Passion, Jealousy


Angel Dust
Jasmine Austen Angel Dust
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My eyes stare into his, he looked at me in awe and shock. "But your dead." He said, he dropped his backpack and dropped to his knees in instinct. In his eyes, I was a creature from the heavens. I granted him wityh my presence and it just sickened me to see to see the ef... mehr lesen

Stichwörter: Angel, powers, dead, save, love, crush, High School, trouble, popularity, angelic


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