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Once Upon A Car
Jeffcy Villaflor Once Upon A Car

It all began with all those muddiness

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Muddiness into madness! This is so crazy! One-shot and give it all!

This will be the first book that I'll be publishing so please bear with any typographical errors.

Stichwörter: mud, romance, one-shot story


Jeffcy Villaflor Fixed
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Afiena is just on the verge of self-destruction when she had learned about the monster within her. She's a vamp, for crying out loud! She hasn't imagine herself being a vamp. Crazy things follows. She met her mentor, the man who taught her everything about herself, and how to... mehr lesen

Stichwörter: Romance, Erotic, Vampire, BDSM, Dominant, Submission


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