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The Detox Journals of Exodus
A.E Michael The Detox Journals of Exodus
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The story of a young man struggling with his faith and his love for heroin within the compounds of one of the worlds most famous hospitals: McLeans

Stichwörter: detox, death, fiction, story, book, read, addiction, god, bible, asher


Mourner's Kiddush
A.E. Michael Mourner's Kiddush

Erev Yom Kippur

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A memoir of my one of my clearest most fond childhood memories. A coming of age and a revelation of my father in a strange and foreign land. Israel

Stichwörter: Travel, Israel, middle east, camels, father and son, coming of age, death, life, desert, ocean, rental car, foreign, jerusalem, jewish, star of david, state of israel, story, memories, [mehr]


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