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The Sacred And The Profane
Rabbi Desiree R. Ntolo The Sacred And The Profane

The Message From A Planet Beyond The Stars - We Created Man on Earth-

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The date, December the 13th. The year, 1973. It was Winter in France, and the Great Dry Season in the African country of Cameroon. On that day, two space vessels appeared in Earth’s sky. The occupants of one of the space-crafts were good, fair, true and decent. The ones in th... mehr lesen

Stichwörter: Essenes-Creation of Man-Divine Realization-UFOs- Elyonin-Elohim-Man's Life Purpose- The Renegades/Fallen Angels- Rael-God-and-Satan, Religion, We are Elyonin and we created Man on Earth, Annunaki


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