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Stephan and Taylor went on to marry each other not long after. They helped Shawn out, even though they ended up having twins them self. I loved watching them. To see that there life really did work out. To know that they are okay and to know that they can get along without me just fine.

My life may have paused but Meagan’s didn’t. She and Shawn still have a long road ahead of them and I may not be there with Shawn and Meagan but I’m always watching. I may not be there but I saw her first steps. I saw her first words. I saw her grow up and I saw Shawn grow up. Thats my family down there. Thats my world and I’m just waiting until they come to join me.

~The End

(comment and tell me what you thinkkkkk :) Love you all!!!!!)


Texte: Morgan
Tag der Veröffentlichung: 06.03.2012

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