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Christianity Turned Jesus’ Mission of Life Into a Church

This book is Destruction # 7 of 12 Of Christianity Destroyed Jesus

Rodolfo Martin Vitangcol

Published by Rodolfo Martin Vitangcol, 2019.

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Christianity turned Jesus’ Mission of Life into a church


Text copyright @ 2019 Rodolfo Martin Vitangcol

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Unless otherwise noted, biblical quotations are from the Christian Community Bible: Catholic Pastoral Edition, 2005,

By the Pastoral Bible Foundation in the Philippines, and are used by permission.


Published by Rodolfo Martin Vitangcol




Two thousand years have passed since Jesus came to save our world, and yet our world has gone even much more miserable than when Jesus left it.

All you see around are poverty and oppression getting ever wider and deeper, as greed and corruption get ever bolder and meaner.

In all of these, where is Jesus, the said Messiah of the world?  What has he been doing?

He is there locked up in church, content with spewing up spiritual words that nobody listens to, aiming to save the souls of men, not the world from its ever-deepening hunger and misfortune.  And who locked him up there?  The Christianity of Paul.

If the Jews had crucified the Living Jesus, Paul’s Christianity had murdered the Risen Christ!

Behold in these twelve series of books “THE TWELVE DESTRUCTIONS” Paul’s Christianity had brought upon the person and the true Mission of Jesus.

JESUS MUST RISE!  For as long as Jesus remains buried beneath the lies and hypocrisies of Paul’s Christianity, the world is doomed to its inevitable destruction.

And must Jesus rise now, while the “wood is still green.”


Destruction # 7 of 12 of Christianity Destroyed Jesus

This book with the title of: “Christianity turned Jesus’ Mission of Life into a church” is Destruction No. 7 of 12 Of Christianity Destroyed Jesus






The “TWELVE DESTRUCTIONS” Christianity Had Done Upon the Person and Mission of Jesus


The God of the Old Testament is not the Father of Jesus



Paul Destroyed Jesus



Christianity presented a most confusing bible and called it—the “Word of God”



Christianity saw mainly Jesus as God; while others as merely a man—made God; still some others as a great teacher—but never a God



Christianity made Jesus’ Mission as taking people to heaven, instead of bringing heaven to the world



Christianity treated life on earth like burden, not gift, while life in heaven as gift, not reward



Christianity turned Jesus’ Mission of Life into a church



Christianity turned God and Jesus into a religion and locked them up in church, never to meddle in political affairs, much less rule the world



Christianity taught people they were saved by Jesus’ blood and resurrection, rather than by repentance and pursuing the works of Jesus’


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