Chapter 1: I would never hurt you, Kayla. Well, at least not in the way she would

“Mom, we ran out of milk!” I yelled from the kitchen with a bowl of cereal in my hand and no milk to go with it.

“Go buy some yourself, baby!” she yells back from her room, “I'll give you some money and you can go buy some on the way home from school today, okay?” she says while walking to the kitchen and it sounded more like an obligation than a question.

“Fine.” I pouted.

“Here you go, honey.” she says as she puts some money on the counter. I pour my cereal back into the box and grab a granola bar instead along with the money. “Have fun at school!” she adds as I walk out the door.

“Really, mom? Have fun at school? You should know better...” I say with a disappointed head shake and she lets out a slight chuckle which made me smile as I left.




My name is Kayla Anastasia Simons, I'm a junior in high school, not a virgin, not a slut, single, have one parent, only child, slightly over average grades, great sense of fashion, and let's not forget, beautifully flawless. My mom is a widow, my father died when I was 4 years old so I don't remember him very well. But whenever my mom talks about my father, she speaks very highly of him. My mom has dated a few guys since then but nothing that serious. And she's also a lawyer so, we're pretty damn rich.




I drove into the school parking lot and parked my bright red car where I could. I took my keys and grabbed my designer purse. I got out of the car and searched for my phone in my bag. I still hadn't closed the door and wasn't paying attention to anything around me. So, obviously Cooper Tyssen decides to pop up out of nowhere. He just closes, more like slammed my car door for me to get my attention.

“Hey there, babe.” he says seductively.

“Hey, Cooper.” I reply without even a glance at him. I finally found my phone and texted Jessica, my number one best friend. I started walking while texting and ignored Cooper.

“Hey, wait up,-” he says as he runs to me, “babe” and now walks next to me. So this guy, Cooper Tyssen, first thing I wanna say about him, he's super hot, one of the top five in the school but he's a player, not only a player though, he's one of the stupidest ones in the whole universe. I bet the guy actually thinks that 9 plus 10 actually equals 21 (#VineReference). He's been trying to get me to sleep with him since school started this year so I've somehow learned how to completely ignore him. He was currently looking over my shoulder to see who I was texting but wasn't it obvious, who else would I be texting? I knew that Cooper would soon walk away because he always does around this timing.

“Hey, Kayla?” he asks sincerely. Okay, weird. This guy never calls me by my name, I mean a lot of people don't. Everyone calls me Kay/K. I look at him for once since he seems like he actually cares about something.

“Yeah...?” I say not knowing what was coming next.

“Uh...” he starts saying and rubs the back of his neck nervously, “Jessica...”

“What about her?” I ask a bit protective since she's my best friend and always has been.

“Just, be careful, Kayla.” he says, “I don't wanna see you get hurt.” and with that said, he just walks away.

“What?” I mutter to myself, “As if you wouldn't hurt me if I slept with you, Cooper Tyssen!” I yell back at him. He turns around and walks back up to me in a very fast motion. He grabs my wrist so I wouldn't walk away, he was careful not to hurt me though.

“I would never hurt you, Kayla. Well, at least not in the way she would.” and once again he walked away and I had nothing else to say.

“What the f*ck is that supposed to mean?” I mutter to myself once more. And then Jessica sneaks up behind me and scares the living hell out of me.

“Woah, jeez. Calm down, it's just me.” she says with her hands up in surrender. I let out a fake laugh, I could tell that she noticed it was fake but she didn't say anything. I find that that was a really bad best friend move, but I mean if she did say something about it, I wouldn't have told her what was on my mind, I mean, not yet.

But on the other hand, why should I believe anything that Cooper Tyssen says? What has he ever done that should give me a reason to believe him? Well, he was pretty damn convincing and seemed pretty damn serious. Never in my life have I seen Cooper Tyssen serious, until now.



Chapter 2: My reaction, you ask? Well, to put it as soft as possible, I broke down.


“Okay, so you've been acting really weird lately and I'm getting kind of worried. Is something wrong? Did I do something wrong? If I did something wrong, I will give you the right to b*tch slap me.” Jessie (Jessica) says.

“No, no. Nothing's wrong. Everything's fine in this little brain of mine.” I say rambling on with nonsense. I haven't been able to act normal around Jessie ever since Cooper talked to me the other day. He has really gotten into my head, I mean, I can barely sleep at night.

“Are you sure?” she asks probably seeing me zone out into thought.

“Yeah, I'm great, super!” I say with the biggest smile I could manage.

“Amaze-balls,” Jessie says, “There's a party on Friday and we have to go! Everyone will be there and we gotta dress sexy.” she whispers in my ear.

“Okay, but I have some dinner with my mom on Saturday night that seems important so I can't get into any sh*t that could mess up my night with my mom. Okay?” I lay out.

“Deal.” she says and we shake hands like official business people. We laugh and walk to our next class. At lunch we talked about what we'd wear and whose house we were going to meet up at, mine or hers. Having a solid subject to talk about helped me get my mind off of what Cooper told me the other day and let me actually talk to Jessie again.

We decided that we were meeting up at my house and getting ready there and then taking my car to get to the party. After school, Jessie and I would go both go home and I'd pick her up in an hour or two and we'd go to the mall and then to my house to get ready for the party. Jessie bought some jewelery and I bought some make up and a pair of heels.

Once we got home, we both went straight into the showers. I showered in the guest bathroom and Jessie showered in mine. We both finished around the same time and both moisturized our skin with our own moisturizer. Once we finished I started doing my hair as Jessie did her make-up.

I wore an outfit that Jessie picked out for me as she wore an outfit that I picked out for her. We both trusted each other on fashion advice, if something looked horrible or even slightly uneven, we'd straight up tell the other that they look ridiculous. It's just how our relationship works.

We both finished up our last few touches and slipped on our heels along with our purses in hand. It was about 10pm and we head straight out the door to my flawless car. I put my key in ignition and we drove to the party. I actually didn't know where it was because Jessie wouldn't tell me but I soon found out that it was at Cooper's house. I was not at all ready for this kind of thing right now. I was ready to get a little tipsy to get my mind off all the random sh*t going through my mind but I wasn't ready to walk into Cooper Tyssen's house.

“What?” Jessie asks.

“You seriously brought me to Tyssen's house?” I say, “You know, the guy whose been trying to get into my pants for the past few months.”

“Yeah, well, Kay baby, maybe it's time you let him.” she says and I give her an are-you-f-ing-kidding-me-right-now look, “C'mon, how long has it been since Jake? Four, five months?”

“Four months and nine days.” I replied looking down at my hands that were entwined on my lap.

“God, you need a drink. Let's go.” she says and jumps out the car. Once we're both out of the car and I've locked the car doors, she grabbed my hand and pulled me into the house.

There were a lot of people. The drunks who are the soon to be vomiters, the stoners who are also known as the druggies, the sluts/man whores, the dance maniacs, and then the newcomers. I'm hoping to be half drunk and mostly dance maniac tonight. I just wanna let loose but certainly don't wanna end up being one of the vomiters.

I walked into the house with the music blasting so loud and Jessie was still holding my hand as she dragged me to the kitchen for a drink. She handed me a plastic red cup full of beer.

“Drink that and then drink another. I'm gonna go, uh, dance.” she yelled into my ear over the music.

I let out a faint smile and she left as I chugged the whole beer down and grabbed another cupful. I walked back over to the living room which was where everyone was dancing and grinding on each other. I took a few big gulps of my beer and looked through the crowd. I took another few gulps and my cup was empty once again. I was on my way back to the kitchen to get another drink but then, I saw something. Something that I really wish I didn't see. Something that I'm hoping that was not real, that I'm just seeing random sh*t for drinking two cups of beer so fast. But that something was real whether I liked it or not. What mattered was how I react, right now, in this moment. That is what matters.

My reaction, you ask? Well, to put it as soft as possible, I broke down. The empty red plastic cup in my hand fell to the floor as I lost all grip.

“Kayla?” I heard faintly, it was Cooper's voice. I lost all balance, I fell to the floor yet someone had caught me. A tear slid down my cheek and then another. I tried to get back onto my feet but was unable to. “Are you okay?” he asks but he gets no response. He looks in the direction I was facing and then he understands. He knew exactly why I was in the current state I found myself to be in and he warned me about it just a few days before yet I didn't listen and here I am, on the floor, heart-broken.

He picks me up and brings me to a room, I think it was his room. I sit on his bed, head in my hands and tears in my eyes. I just saw my best friend making out with my ex-boyfriend whom she knows that I have never gotten over.




Chapter 3: I bullshitted with a nervous laugh at the end of my sentence

He closes the door behind him to block out the blasting music. He sits down next to me and wraps an arm around my shoulder as I lean into him and quietly let the tears run down my face.

“Are you gonna rape me now?” I ask him jokingly after a while.

“Really? I can do that?” he said like a little kid and I let out a small laugh. I looked up at him and he smiled. “Let me take you home.” he says.

“But this is your party, you can't just leave. These crazy drunk high-schoolers could burn your house down within 10 seconds.” I told him with my voice slightly unstable from my recent crying.

“Exactly, it's my party. I can do whatever the hell I want and I am taking you home. Now.” he says and gets off the bed. He holds out his hand for me to take and I look at it then up at his face then back down to his hand and I take it.

On the way to his car, we passed by one of his friends who seemed to be pretty sober so he told him to watch over his house while he took me home. It was nearly midnight once I actually got home. Cooper walked me to my doorstep for some reason and took me all the way upstairs to my bedroom. He didn't even ask if he could come into the house. I could barely walk though, I think I needed him there and he knew it.

Mom wasn't home, she has been very absent lately. She has also been very cheery, it's like she's on her period with all the mood swings she's been getting. And I also realised that she's been dressing up and buying new clothes and perfumes and shoes. She also leaves them room every time I walk in and find her on the phone. So, she probably just got a new boyfriend, I'm not surprised. It's been nearly a year since her last one.

Cooper guided me to my bed and let me lay down there. He left the room and came back with a big glass of water.

“Kayla, I need you to drink this whole cup, okay?” he says and I mutter in response. I roll over and stick my head into my big fluffy pillow. He takes off my heels and places them on the floor. “I need to go home before my house burns down.” he says, “I'm gonna go now.” he says again but he gets no response. “Okay.” he says and I hear the door shut and his car leave the driveway a few seconds afterwards. I take a sip of the water and let ;y body shut down.




I woke up to the sun burning my eyes. My curtains were open for some reason. I looked down at myself and realised I was wearing a dress. And then, I remembered. I remembered everything. From Cooper warning me, to Jessie dragging me to a party, to being heart-broken, and ending with Cooper taking me home. I groaned as I got out of bed and walked over to the bathroom.

My eyes were all puffy from crying as well as mascara and eyeliner all over my face. My hair was all over the place, full of knots and my dress was all wrinkled. I stripped out of the dress and jumped into the shower. I felt the warm water hit my bare skin and stream down my body. I scrubbed my face to remove the make up from last night. Then I saw it. I saw it all over again. Tears streamed down my face but it blended with the water of the shower. I stood there sobbing.

How could my best friend betray me like that? How could she do such a thing without telling me? How could she even look at me without the slightest bit of guilt in her eyes? How could she talk to me everyday without spitting it out? How could she break the number one girl code?

I turned off the water and got out of the shower. I wrapped a towel around myself and walked into my bedroom. I clothed myself with my hair let loose and dripping wet. I sat on the floor with my back against my bed frame and closed my eyes. I put my knees up to my chest and put my head in my hands. A few more tears slid down my cheeks and I wiped them away immediately. I searched around for my phone and once I found it, I realised that I had 15 new messages and 3 missed calls, all from Jessica. I decided to shut my phone off.

I wiped off my cheeks of the still present tears and walked down to the kitchen. My mom was already there sitting at the counter working on some paperwork.

“Hey there,” she says with a friendly voice. She looks up at me and I can see the worry in her eyes, “Hey, what's wrong? Have you been crying?”

“Why would you say that? I ask nervously not wanting to tell her about last night.

“Well, you're eyes are all puffy and red.” she states.

“Oh, that's just because I got some shampoo in my eyes and I started rubbing at them and they ended up like this.” I bullshitted with a nervous laugh at the end of my sentence.

“Okay, honey. If you say so. Just be careful next time.” she says suspiciously.

“Don't worry, I will.” I reply, “Do you want me to make you some eggs?” I ask trying to change the subject.

“No, I just got called in for new evidence on a big case that I'm working on. But we're still on for tonight, dinner?” she says cleaning up her papers.

“Yeah, of course.” I say and she smiles, gives me a peck on my forehead and runs upstairs to get changed for work. I decide to eat a big bowl of cereal and watch some Teen Wolf to get my mind off of everything. I mean, oh god, those guys could make you forget how to talk. Cody Christian, Dylan Sprayberry, Dylan O'Brien, ugh! Too much to handle!



Chapter 4: “Wait a second. We?” I asked slightly annoyed. “Well, about that...”


Before I knew it, it was nearly 6pm and Mom just got home.

“Kayla? I'm home!” she yelled from downstairs.

“I'm up here!” I yelled back and she was standing in front of my room in no time. “What time is our reservations for tonight at?” I asked.

“It's at 8:45, is that okay?” she says.

“Yeah, it's fine. I just need to start getting ready, like, now.” I say stressfully. I run into my closet and pick out an outfit for tonight’s event. Mom said it was a really fancy and expensive place so I had to dress appropriately. I blast some music and go back to my closet. I changed my panties according to the dress I was going to wear which guides me to my navy blue laced one. I slip it on and sit at my vanity as I moisturise my arms and legs. I go back to my dresser and grab my black strapless bra and snatch it on.

I went over to my closet and slipped into my dress. It was navy blue laced, reached just above my knees. It had one long sleeve, other side, completely sleeveless, completely strapless. The whole bottom half was loose like an average skirt, if someone were to lay under me, they would see my panties.

I sat back down at my vanity and started doing hair. I brushed through it and then sprayed some heat resistant product before I curled my naturally dirty blond hair. After I finished, I added some hairspray so it'd last longer. Then I started on my make up.

I started off with my eyeliner, a very thin line with a long wing at the end. Then mascara, had to be perfect so that my eyelashes where no longer blond but black. Then a light pink lipstick to finish it off, start off with the lipliner that is close to my actual lip color. The lipliner must be perfect aligned or it ruins everything. Then the lipstick, must be put on within the lipliner borders. And then my make up is set.

I grab a pair of silver hoop earrings and slip them in. I also put in a few silver bracelets and a silver necklace with a blue diamond in the center of it. I fluff my hair up a bit and go back into my closet. I grab a pair of heels that are also navy blue and have a little silver buckle on the top. I sit on my bed and slip them on. I go back into my closet and look for a matching purse and I find a navy blue purse with a big silver chain holding it together and for support on your shoulder. I grab my phone and take a mirror selfie of my navy blue and silver outfit. I put it on my snapchat story and have a little star kind of emoji on the top corner.

I then grabbed the stuff I need to transfer from one purse to the other and once I was done it was about 8:25pm. “Mom!” I yelled.

“Yes, darling?” she yelled back.

“What time do we have to leave at?” I yelled.

“In about 5 minutes. Are you ready?” she asks.

“Yeah!” I answered and opened up Instasize. I edited the mirror selfie I just took and uploaded it on Instagram with the caption “Going out w/ my madre #apparentlyshehassomebignews”. Once I finished, it was time to go. I double checked myself in the mirror and went downstairs. My mom was still in her room getting ready so I stood in front of the stairwell waiting for her. I heard her door open and could hear the click of her shoes as she walked down the stairs. She was beautiful. Even more flawless then me, was that even possible?

She was wearing a red dress that stopped mid-thigh in the front and was dragging on the floor behind her. It had a very deep v-neck and showed a lot of cleavage and she was 100% wearing a push-up bra. She had some tall black heels on along with a Gucci black purse that was to die for. I stood there in awe and she blushed.

“Come on, Kayla. You're faking, right?” she asks me in doubt of herself.

“Damn, mom. You look hot!” I say, “Hotter than me!”

“Don't say it so shocked, honey,” she says and smiles.

“Uh, for your information, I am dressed very appropriately because I'm eating dinner with you, so it would be kinda inappropriate for me to go out looking like, well, you...” I say.

“I'm just joking, baby. Let's go, we're gonna be late if we don't.” she says and runs out the door. She starts the car as I lock the house door and jump into the car. We drive away and to the restaurant.

“So,” Mom starts saying, “We'll be telling you the great news very shortly. But Kayla, honey-” I cut her off.

“Wait a second. We?” I asked slightly annoyed.

“Well, about that...” she says as she parked the car in the restaurant parking lot.

“We're not eating dinner alone, are we?” I asked knowing the answer and she gave me a faint smile. My anger slowly mounted and I raged out of the car to find two men standing just outside our car.




Chapter 5: I think it's time


One was about mom's age, maybe a bit younger, and the other, oh my damn, wasn't he hot. He was probably a senior and over rules pretty much every guy in my school on the hot alert meter. Except for my ex, Jake Reese. Dammit, thinking about him is even worse than before. Now I know that he's sleeping with my best friend. Before it was just feelings that still lived inside of me. I hate this. These thoughts made my eyes get watery so I tried to make them dry up my opening my eyes wide and blinked every once in a while. It slowly went away.

So, this really hot guy was staring at me while the other man was staring at Mom. We both stared back. I really wish that I wore something more like Mom. This is pretty much my most appropriate dress I own, not entirely true but, you get what I mean.

Mom and I slowly walked towards the two men. “Kayla, this is Christopher Wingston and his son.” Mom said but stopped her sentence there, she probably didn't know the guy's name.

“It's a pleasure to finally meet you, Kayla. This is my son, Liam.” the man says whose name is apparently Christopher, “Son, this is the lovely Michelle Simons and her beautiful daughter.” he finishes saying.

I could see Mom blushing from Christopher's comment. I flashed Liam a small smile as did he. “Shall we?” Christopher asked.

“Of course, of course.” Mom says as she wraps her arm in his and I walk side by side with Liam. While Mom and Christopher were trying to get our reserved seats, I whispered to Liam, “Hey, do you know why we're here?” I asked low enough for my Mom not to hear me.

“You don't know?” he asks with a shocked look on his face.

“What?” I asked concerned and slightly scared.

“We're getting married.” he says, “You didn't know about our arranged marriage, Kayla Anastasia Simons?” he says and then has a big ass smirk on his face. I was just about to cuss him out but the adults called us over. We followed the waitress to our table and while walking, Liam bent down to, right next to my ear and whispered, “I wouldn't mind if it were true.” and he had another smirk on his pretty ass face.

So let me get this straight, this guy, Liam, is implying that if we were being forced to get married, he wouldn't mind? What the f*ck is this? The 1700s? “So you don't know anything?” I asked him as we sat down at our table and pretended that I didn't hear what he whispered in my ear like 3 seconds ago.

“Sorry, babe. Don't know nothing else.” he whispers as he sits next to me. So he also has horrible grammar... Just hoping he's not anything close to Cooper- no. Stop it. Don't think about him, or Jessica or Jake. Just focus on... focus on the news Mom wants to tell you. Wait a second, in the car, she wait 'we'll be telling you'. Dammit mom. Just tell me already.



We've already finished eating our starters/appetizers and our main course was arriving. I've learned how Mom and Chris met (I've refused to call him Christopher because it's too long), I've also learned that Liam was actually a senior as I expected. The two parents talked mainly about their children whenever it got awkwardly silent. So I also learned that Liam is trying to get into some sport university or something. Where I, on the other hand have no idea what I'm doing with my life.

“So what about you, Kayla?” Chris asks.

“Uh...” I say unsure of what to say.

“Kayla, is unsure of her future.” Mom says to Chris.

“Oh, well, I mean that's okay, Kayla. You still have time to think about it.” he says with a reassuring smile so I send him back the best smile I could get out of this uncomfortable moment. We finished eating our meals in an awkward silence and ordered dessert. Mom and Chris were whispering to each other and giggling, she actually looked kind of nervous but was hiding very well. I am her daughter so I know but I don't think anyone else noticed. I was talking to Liam, well, mostly him talking to me, well mostly him flirting. I mean, I'm obviously used to guys flirting around me all the time but this guy, damn, wasn't he pretty. I mean, the hair, the eyes, the body.

“So you done checking me out?” he asks.

“Uh, excuse me? Are you done flirting?” I replied.

“Babe, if I were flirting we would not be sitting here right now waiting for our desserts.” he says so sure of himself and has a smirk on his face.

“Ugh,” I groan and the desserts arrive. I start to dig in to my delicious chocolatey


“Okay, Christopher. I think this is the moment we've been waiting for. We have our desserts so everyone is happy and enjoying it. I think it's time.” Mom says and I am kinda freaking out.

“Okay. Michelle would you like to start or should I?” Chris asks.

“Go ahead,” Mom says.

“Okay, kids?” he starts but was cut off when Liam and I both cut him off and said, “We're not kids.”

“Sorry.” he continues, “Liam, Kayla.” he says as he already has our full attention yet Liam seemed not to care about anything that was happening, “Michelle and I are dating.” he says.

“No kidding./No doubt about that.” Liam and I both say at the same time once again.

“Kayla!/Liam!” my mom yelled at me and Chris at his son. We both gave fake apologetic smiles and they continued talking.

“And... we're all going to be living together!” Chris says and Mom has a big smile on her face to try to get us to smile but no. We both have blank expressions on our faces. “and one more thing,” Chris started saying again.

“I'm pregnant!” Mom yells and that certainly got a reaction out of me.




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Chapter 6: You should go take a cold shower now.

“What?!” I yelled as I stood up from my chair. Mom had a shocked and hurt look on her face from my reaction but I felt exactly the same way because of what she just said. I grabbed my purse and ran outside of the restaurant. I sat down on a bench and searched through my bag for my phone. I unlocked it and clicked on Jessica's name but then realised that I couldn't call her. I closed my eyes and placed my phone on my lap. I took deep slow breaths to calm my self down.

“Close your eyes- clench your fists- act like the pain- doesn't exist.- Even though- it's killing you inside- you have no choice- but to put it aside.- Tears like diamonds- eyes like the moon- fake a smile- it'll be over soon.” I whisper to myself with my eyes still closed shut. I memorised this kind of poem/mantra thing. It helps me to not have a freak attack. I go back into the restaurant after a few minutes but go straight to the bathroom without anyone seeing me. I fixed my makeup since a few tears managed to fall. I also fluffed my hair up and took a deep breath which was very unstable from my recent crying.

I straightened up my dress and walked out of the bathroom. Sadly, Liam was standing there. Back against the wall, one leg up and his foot flat on the wall. He turned his head towards me.

“Hey there,” he says.

“Seriously, not in the mood right now.” I say and start to walk away but he grabs my wrist. Why do people keep doing that? But he was also careful not to hurt me. I turned my head to look at him and he spun me around so I was inches away from his body.

“Are you okay?” he says staring into my eyes and I look down at the floor. “Can you just let me go, I wanna go home.” was all I could say.

“No, not until I know that you're okay. Are you okay?” he repeats.

“Yeah, I'm fine.” I say so that he would let go of me but he uses his other hand that wasn't holding me and pushed my chin up so I would look into his eyes.

“Are you sure?” he asked staring into me.

“Yeah,” I say softly and he lets me go. I take a step back from him and take a deep breath. I walk back to our table and Liam walks right behind me. He catches up and once we are in sight of the parents he passes in front of me.

“Hey, dad?” I hear him ask, “Can I have the keys and drive Kayla home?” I hear nothing for a while. They were probably mentally discussing what to answer.

“Sure.” Chris finally says and I hear Liam catch the car keys in his hands. He walks over to me, I was hiding behind the wall right next to our table. I was getting a few glares.

“Thanks,” I say to Liam as we walk out of the restaurant.

“Anytime,” he says with a smile which made me smile just a little bit and it felt good. We got into his car and I guided him home, it was a quiet car ride.




“Turn here and it's the big one on the right.” I say as we drove home.

He parked the car in the driveway and we both got out. I unlocked the front door and Liam still stood there, his shoulder against the wall, staring at me, looking into my eyes.

“What?” I ask.

“You're blushing,” he says with a smirk and I push his other shoulder so he lost balance. He quickly regained it and let out a chuckle.

“You wanna come in?” I asked hoping he would say yes. I really didn't wanna sit in my room alone with all my problems flying around my brain. “But, for the record, that does not mean 'You wanna come in and have sex.' Just saying.” I added and he smirked.

“I would love to come in.” he says very seductively.

“I just said no to the sex, so stop it.” I say as we walked in and I closed the door behind me. I turned to him and he had another smirk on his face, “Stop that too.” I say and walk away from him. “You want something to drink?” I ask from the kitchen. “Do have beer?” he asks as he walks in.

“Yup,” I say and take a sip before I pass it to him. He grabs it from my hand and chugs a few gulps down. I decide to sit up on the kitchen counter. I remember when I was small, I would take like 10 minutes to get up here and then I'd watch Mom cook for like an hour. Life was so simple back then.

“Uh, hello?” Liam says waving his hand in front of my face. I blink twice and grab his beer out of his hand. For a moment there, I completely zoned out. I took another sip of the beer and handed it back but he gives it back to me, telling me to drink more, but only with his actions and facial expressions. He knew that I needed it in this matter of time. I took it from his hands again and chugged it down, all of it.

“Damn.” he says to me. I didn't realise that he was standing between my legs. If I moved up closer to the edge of the counter, I would be right above his dick. Wait a second, is that a boner I see? I look up into his eyes for a second then back down to his boner and back up to his eyes. I smirk and he shuffles uncomfortably and takes a step back as I jump off the counter. I slowly bit my lip and take hold of his hand to tease around with him. That's what you get for saying that we were getting married! I yell in my head. I let go of his hand as I ran up the stairs and he followed behind me. I took a glance back at him and kept running towards my room.

“Kayla, you're gonna regret this. You should stop.” he yells from behind me. I arrive in my room and spread myself on my bed. He walks into the room and damn, it looked like his dick was a big one.

“Come here,” I said seductively, “Come on the bed with me, Liam,” I said and arched my back up as I sat up on the bed. He walked over to me and I put my hand on the back of his neck. My face, so close to his, I whisper in his ear with my hot breath touching his skin, “You should go take a cold shower now.” I push him back and laugh as he groans and walks into my bathroom. “Can I join you in there, Liam?” I say jokingly seductive and he groans again. I have become an expert at resisting hot guys, I mean, Cooper, and damn, Jake. There the top guys in the school. I mean there a few that are better looking then Cooper but I mean he's still at the top of the hot guy meter.

While Liam was in the shower, I got changed into some comfier clothes and threw my heels off. I went into my closet and grabbed a tank top that said 'you wish...” in light pink and some shorts to go with it. Liam was actually taking pretty damn long so I just sat on my bed facing the bathroom door and was scrolling through my hundreds of likes and comments that I got on the selfie I took before leaving the house. Then I noticed that Jessica liked my photo but didn't comment on it. Not even an emoji. We always leave the first comment on each other's pictures but she saw my picture, liked it and didn't comment. Another thing I noticed was that Cooper liked and commented on my photo. He was usually one of the first people like it but he never commented, unless it was a photo of me in a sports bra or a bikini or something. I found this very weird and unusual. Then Liam walked out of the bathroom, he had a towel wrapped around his waist, hair wet, bare chest, water dripping down his body, perfect abs, broad shoulders, damn.

“So I figured that you wouldn't really feel like talking to your mom so I called my dad and told him that your mom could stay over at our house tonight and I'll stay here with you just in case. Tell me if I'm wrong and if you want me to leave.” he says and I smile in response. “Good.” he says with a smile and went back into the bathroom, probably to get changed. He comes back out it seconds and sits down next to me. I didn't look up at him. I stared down on my phone, at my selfie that Jessie didn't comment on. I mean, why would she not comment on my photo, if I were in her position, I would be the first 500 comments and they'd all be a different way of me apologising. I didn't do anything to give her a reason not to comment on my photo, she can't be mad at me right now, in this situation. There is no way, I don't see how that could work.

“Uh...” Liam says staring at me like I'm some sort of crazy person, “What is happening right now?” he says. I shake my head and drop my phone.

“Nothing.” I say with a fake smile. “Hey, uh, thanks,” I say to him. “Thanks for caring about me.” I finish.

“Don't worry about it,” he says.

Chapter 7: I knew I was going down, no doubt about it

“You wanna talk about it?” he asks.

“Talk about what?” I replied thinking that he was talking about my spacing out just a few seconds ago.

“You know, like, our parents, being like, you know...” he says.

“Ohhh... Do you wanna talk about it?” I ask and he nods his head faintly implying a nervous 'yes'. “Okay, then. Let's talk about it.” I say and get comfortable on my bed. “First thing I wanna say is: They. Had. Sex.” *awkward silence* “Sorry...” I finally said afterwards.

“Okay, moving on. We're gonna be living together.” Liam says.

“But where?” I ask.

“I mean, your house is big but not big enough and same goes with mine.” he points out.

“Oh god, I hope we don't have to move. I can't change schools, not now.” I say and put my head in my hands. I could never live with myself if I just walked away from my problems. I could never just change schools and ignore the fact that Jessie is going out and kissing Jake without telling me. I have to talk to her, I have to stand up to her or I could never live with myself.

“If that happens, we'll fight it. They won't be able to say no to the both of us.” Liam says.

“Okay...” I reply, “If my mom is preggos, is she marrying your dad? Are we gonna end up being-” I started saying and shivered at the thought, “step-brother and step-sister?” “Oh god, no.” is all that Liam could say.

“Okay, I found a loophole to this.” I start to say after a while.

“A what-hole?” Liam asks.

“You know how lawyers need to find loophole in a contract...” I start saying but he looks so lost in what I'm saying, “It's when you find a solution by going around the problem instead of actually solving or breaking the original problem. Kind of...” I explained.

“Yeah, whatever. So what's our shoot-hole?” he asks.

“Loophole.” I muttered, “Okay, whatever. So, we could just think of it as roommates. Not *shivers* step-siblings.”

“Okay, not bad, Anastasia but never say that word again.” Liam says.

“As long as you don't call me that,” I say back to him.

“Ow, sassy. I like it.” he says like a middle schooler.

“Shut up.” I say as I push him off the bed. I ran for the door once I heard him hit the ground with a big thud.

“Anastasia, you come back here right now and say sorry to your.... roommate!” he yells as I run down the stairs.

“Never!” I yell back.

“Never say never!” he says back as he runs down the stairs just behind me.

“ *gasp* Are you a belieber?” I yelled.

“Who isn't?” he yelled back.

“A lot of people in the world, actually.” I yell back to him out of breath. It's pretty hard to run for your life and scream at the same time. I ran towards the front door and out to the garden.

“Anastasia? Where are you?” he says creepily. I was hiding behind a big bush hoping he would go back inside and search for me there until-

“Ahhhhh!” I screamed.

“Found you.” he said as he picked me up off the wet grass. He was walking towards the house but then took a turn.

“Uh, Liam? Where are you- Oh god, no, no, no! Don't you dare!” I started yelling as I punched and kicked him to get out of his strong grip. I knew I was going down, no doubt about it. So I held on to him at the very last second so he wouldn't see it coming and- SPLASH! We both landed in the water. I'm just glad that I didn't decide to spontaneously wear a white top.

We both pushed up for air and were heavily breathing but mostly me. The water was too deep for me and I couldn't reach the ground. I was too tired (after running away) to swim to the edge of the pool to stay over the water. So I grabbed onto Liam. He held me against him, I wrapped my legs around his waist and rested my head on his shoulder.


 2/14/2016  -Happy Valentine's Day! <3


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Chapter 8: All eyes were on me from the moment I walked into the room,

 'I can't feel my face when I'm with you, but I love it, but I love it-' (I Can't Feel My Face by The Weeknd)

I woke up to the sound of a phone ringing but it surely wasn't mine. I opened my eyes and blinked a few times. I searched around for the source of the music and found it on the floor. The phone had 'Michelle S.' written on it. Why was mom calling? Wait, who's phone is this? Oh shit, I remember. And all of last night came rushing back, all the way until the pool.

I stared at the phone waiting for it to stop ringing. And once it finally did, I got up and jumped into the shower. I pulled on a fresh set of clothes once I got out and brushed through my wet hair. I grabbed my phone before going downstairs but realised that I wouldn't really want to look at it right now so I threw it onto my bed.

“Hey,” Liam said as he saw me walk into the room. He was sitting on the couch watching Ted on the TV.

“Hey,” I said unintentionally quiet.

“Are you feeling better?” he asks as I sit next to him on the couch. I sit criss-cross apple-sauce facing him.

“Yeah, I guess... I mean, I don't really know what to say. I don't know what to think.” I explain just thinking out loud.

“Do you want to talk to your mom? It's fine if you don't want to, I mean, I understand. We can stay here together one more day or we can stay at my house if your mom wants to come home. We can go out to clear your head.-” I cut him off.

“I think I'm ready.” I say as clearly as I could manage. “What about you?” I asked him looking straight into his eyes.

“Yeah, I guess so.” he says, “But first, I need food.”

“Couldn't have said it any better,” I reply with a laugh and jump off the couch. I walk over to the kitchen and Liam follows behind me. I open the fridge to see what food we have and we didn't have much. “I think we're gonna have to go out to get some food...” I pointed out.

“Hold on, let me see.” Liam says as me lightly pushes me away from the fridge so he could see for himself. “I think, you, are you wrong.” he states.

“Wanna bet?” I challenged.

“Why not?” he replied implying to say 'Hells yeah, Imma beat your ass'.

“If either of us are still hungry at the end, I win. If not, and the food wasn't disgusting, you win.” I say setting out some rules.

“Okay, okay. Buuuuut,” he starts saying, “What do I get when I win?” This is gonna get very competitive.

“Winner gets to pick their new room first.” I say confidently.

“Deal.” he says right away.

“Deal.” I repeat as we shake hands.




“So, let's see what I'm working with...” Liam says as he searches through the empty fridge, “We have one egg, a cup or two of orange juice, a slice of ham, a few mushy strawberries, a half brown banana, three slices of bread, very little amount of butter and an empty milk carton?” he finishes off.

“Yeah... that's kinda my fault.” I say with a cheeky smile.

“Okay...” he says,” So, I'm gonna start off with these.” he continues as he pulls out the mushy strawberries, the half brown banana, and the small amount of orange juice from the fridge and onto the kitchen counter. He asks for a cutting board and I point to where it is. He starts cutting the strawberries and cuts the bad parts off of the banana. He goes to the blender and puts everything inside along with the rest of the orange juice, some ice cubes and a pinch of sugar. So he managed to make a smoothie so far.

“Not bad, Mr. Wingston. Continue.” I say like the Queen of England and he chuckles as I smile big. He pulls out the last egg and the last slice of ham. He cuts the ham into little pieces and breaks the egg into a bowl. He mixes the egg around with a fork and along with the chopped up ham. Then he grabbed the last few slices of bread and sticks them into the toaster. He then scrambled the eggs along with the chopped ham and served it all on one plate. He takes out the toast and puts it on the side along with the leftover butter.

“Now, spread the butter across the toast and let it melt in. Eat your toast with the eggs and if in the end, you're still hungry, you win. If not, I win.” he states.

“Let's eat!” I yell with the lift of my butter knife.




Dammit. I finished eating Liam's food and it was really good. I am also pretty damn full. That means, he won. But I could never admit it.

“You're full.” he says.

“No,” I reply softly.

“You lost the bet. I get to pick my room first!” he yells as I let out a big ass groan. Once he calms down, he decides to go straight out with it, “So you ready to talk to your mom now?” he asks. I look into his eyes then down at the floor and then back into his eyes, he was staring straight at me and I nod my head slowly.

Liam stood up from his chair and grabbed my hand, he lead me upstairs back to my room and I sat on my bed as he searched for his phone which was still on the floor where I left it when I ignored my mom's call. He called them up and told me that they'd be here in about 15 minutes. While he was on the phone, I decided to look through mine. I had loads of missed calls and unread messages from Jessie, I scrolled through the missed calls looking at the hours but then I saw a different name, Cooper.

I decided to call him back so I left my room leaving Liam on the phone with his dad and I walked downstairs and out back to the garden. Cooper answered after the second ring.


Cooper: Hello?

Me: Hey, it's me.

Cooper: Oh, hey there!

Me: Heeey... (awkwardly)

Cooper: You feeling any better? If not, I could always come over and comfort you, if you know what I mean. (seductively)

Me: Yeah, I know what you mean, Cooper. And I'll say no to that request. Also not feeling any better, just worse. But I don't wanna blab, I just wanted to thank you for taking care of me the other night and taking me home.

Cooper: No problem, babe. But you can blab all you want, I don't mind.

Me: That's because you wouldn't be listening. (laughing)

Cooper: Exactly. (chuckles)


“Hey, your Mom and my Dad are coming, they'll be here in just a few!” Liam yelled from inside the house.

“Okay!” I yelled back, “Give me a second.”


Cooper: Who's that? (curiously)

Me: Is someone jealous? (jokingly/playfully)

Cooper: No... (acting like a big guy)

Me: Yeah, okay... Well that was my... uh, new roommate. Kinda.

Cooper: I thought you lived with your Mom.

Me: Yeah, but like I said, things didn't get better, they get worse. So long story short, my mom is pregnant and the father already has a son and we're all gonna live together. But I gotta go, my mom is coming back and I haven't talk to her since she told me.

Cooper: Okay... I didn't totally get that but good luck anyways. And don't forget that you can always talk to me, but I probably won't listen.

Me: Okay, whatever, Cooper. (laughing) Well, I just wanted to thank you again, anyways.

Cooper: Anytime. See ya at school.

Me: Byyyyye. (happily)


And I hung up the phone. I'm actually really glad that I called Cooper back. This guy acts like a big a-hole and a player but I think he actually has a heart in there.

“Hey, who was that?” Liam asks as I walk back into the house, “Your boyfriend?”

“Cooper, boyfriend? Those words exist in one sentence?”

“So he's not your boyfriend?” he answers back.

“Cooper? My boyfriend? Hahahahaha! NoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo. Uh, no.” I reply.

“Okay...?” Liam says.

“You know what's weird? Two guys who I am not dating nor are interesting in, both get jealous about a guy that they've never met but just heard over the phone. Don't you think that's weird?” I say.

“I was not jealous.” Liam defends himself.

“Well, I beg to differ.” I say and then we hear a car drive into the driveway out front. “Hey, can you let them in? I'm just gonna go upstairs and quickly clean myself up, is that okay?” I ask.

“Yeah, no problem. Take your time, Anastasia.” he says with a smirk.

“I'm gonna kill you!” I yell from the top of the stairs.

“You can try!” he yells back with a laugh and I hear him open the front door just as I close my bedroom door. I changed into some decent casual clothes and brushed my hair. I also applied a small amount of mascara and moisturized wherever was necessary. I tied my hair up into a messy bun and took a deep breath.

I wasn't ready to go downstairs and confront my mom yet so I decided to take a selfie on Snapchat. I took about 6 or 7 of them until I got the one I wanted and then captioned it “I am soooo not ready for this.” I added it to my story and then took another deep breath, “Close your eyes, clench your fists, act like the pain doesn't exist. Even though it's killing you inside, you have no choice but to put it aside. Tears like diamonds, eyes like the moon. Fake a smile, it'll be over soon.” I whispered to myself and opened my bedroom door. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath before walking down the stairs. Everyone was seated in the dining room. I guess they wanted to be officially seated so we could talk seriously instead of sitting in the living room on the couch and the vibe would be different.

All eyes were on me from the moment I walked into the room, all the way until I sat down in the empty seat that would create a full rectangle between us four.




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Chapter 9: If there is one person who does not agree with the decision made, we cancel and start over again.

It was awkwardly quiet. No one knew where to start, how to start or who was going to start. I glanced over at Liam and he glanced over to me. I tried to not make any eye contact with mom. I'm still not ready for this. I just wanna disappear.

“Kayla, honey?” mom starts off breaking the silence, “You can start if you like, Christopher and I have a few things planned for how this is going to work but you can say whatever you like.”

“Okay, mom. Hold up. You're telling me, that you got off and got engaged, you got pregnant, and you planned a whole future with this guy, no offense Chris, and you didn't bother to mention any of it to me beforehand? Is that it? Is that what is happening right now, mom? Is it?” I replied ranting on. Well, I guess I did know how to start, and I definitely broke that silence, fast.

“Honey, I know I should have told you earlier-” she started saying.

“Damn right, you should've.” I cut her off, pissed.

“But, I didn't know how. I mean, how is a mother supposed to tell her own daughter that she's in love with another man who is not her father and she's gonna have a younger brother or sister that won't be on her father's side but only on her mother's.”

“Dad has been gone for a long time, mom. That is no excuse. I have seen you with other men, a lot of them. So, stop searching for excuses and give me a real reason for me to forgive you for this.” I say trying to stay calm.

“I'm sorry, honey. I was just scared at how you would react.” she says and takes a glance over at Chris.

“Still not a reason but we're going to move on. What the hell is gonna happen around here? Where are we gonna live?” I ask.

“Well, your mother and I thought about buying a new place. We've already started searching and no worries, everyone will get there own room and bathroom.” Chris explained.

“But what about school? How far are we gonna move? You just expect us to pack all our stuff and leave, just like that?” Liam temper starts to slowly rise as he asks each of these questions to his dad.

“We won't go to far. But, one of you will have to switch schools, either Kayla goes to your school and we move closer to that area or you go to Kayla's school and we'll find a place to move towards here.” Chris explains. I looked straight at Liam and him at me. He knows that I don't wanna change schools but I don't want him to switch just because of me. I don't wanna be the spoiled brat who gets whatever she wants in this house.

“I'll switch.” Liam says still looking at me. I stare into him giving him a you-don't-have-to-do-that-for-me look and he nods slightly and looks back at his father.

“Okay then, it's settled.” Chris says, “We shall continue looking for a place and we'll check them out. If we find anything that seems good, we'll let you guys know and we'll go see it together. The final decision must be agreed with everyone. If there is one person who does not agree with the decision made, we cancel and start over again.”

“Well, I agree with that.” I say and stand up.

“Okay, me too then.” Liam says and joins me standing.

“Then, that's it.” Chris says, “Liam, let's go home.”

“Okay, I'll meet you outside, just need to grab my jacket. I think it's upstairs.” Liam says and starts to go up the stairs.

“One sec, let me come with you.” I say and jump after him. We get into my room and I sit on my bed. “So, you're gonna go now?” I ask him secretly wanting to shout "Stay with me!"

“Yeah, is that okay? Are you gonna be okay?” he asks me as he sits next to me on the bed.

“Yeah, I'll be fine. I have stuff to take care of anyways.” I say and he gets up. “But, uh, thanks for offering to switch schools for me...” I say softly.

“No problem, Anastasia.” he says with a smirk and kisses my jawline.

“I'm seriously gonna murder you in your sleep. You better watch out!” I barked but he was already out the door.



Chapter 10: It's gonna take a whole bitch load more than an “I'm sorry” and some donuts


Monday morning. Last night was kind of awkwardly silent around the house, apart from me blasting music so mom wouldn't bother me and me making up an excuse so that I wouldn't have to eat at the dinner table.

I got out of bed and went straight into the shower. I still hadn't talked to Jess since Cooper's party, I mean, I had bigger things going on. I'm not really looking forward to this event of the day, but it has to happen, eventually.

Once I was out of the shower and moisturized, I slipped on some tights and distressed jean shorts along with a cropped sweater. As I was applying my make up and fixing up my hair, I had so much on my mind, so many thoughts, just flying around, like a tight space full of thousands of bouncy balls that are actually deadly lava rocks.

I could hear mom downstairs making breakfast, waiting for me, she's usually still  asleep at this time or almost out the door. I decided that I really didn't want to walk into school alone, so I messaged someone, Cooper. I don't know if it was a good idea, maybe he'll start thinking that I'm leading him on.

I just asked if he could drive me to school today, no big deal, right? He replied within seconds saying that he'd be here in 20 minutes. I finished getting ready, slipped on my shoes, grabbed my bag and my phone and ran downstairs.

“Hey, honey, I made you some pancakes with some fresh blueberries.” mom said as I came into sight.

“Sorry, someone's already waiting for me outside, I gotta go.” I lied, “Invite Chris over and eat with him if you like, or eat everything since your eating for two anyways.” I say as I grab an apple on the way out the door.

“Okay, have a good day, sweetie!” my mom tried to yell before the front door slammed shut. Cooper finally drove up to my front gate, I was awkwardly waiting outside the gate, hoping mom wouldn't see me. I jumped into the car and thanked him for coming but yelled at him for being late.

“So, what's up, babe? Why you want me to take you to school? You already got such a beauty of a car.” Cooper starts to ask.

“Uh, do you not remember what happened the last time I saw you?” I replied sassy and slightly angered.

“Oh right, of course I remember, but how come you still so caught up in that bullshit, let it go, baby.” he says, and he was probably right.

“Yeah, but-” I started saying but my phone started ringing, it was Liam.


Me: Hello?

Liam: Hey there, Anastasia. (he says as I could picture the smirk on his face)

Me: Hey, Liam. And wipe that smirk of your face.

Liam: What?! You stalking me?

Me: Bitch please, you wish.

Liam: Oh, you know I do.

Me: Stop, don't make it weird, well, weirder than it already is.

Liam: Okay, well, I just wanted to check in on how you're doing. You okay?

Me: Yeah, I'm okay. A little mental, a little shock, a little anger, sadness, fear, and more, but overall, I'm okay, I guess.

Liam: Well, send me a message, call me, whenever you need, I'll come over, pick you up, just call.

Me: I will, don't worry. I already have Cooper here driving me to school, so I think I'm good so far. (I smile over to Cooper and he smiles back)

Liam: Who the fuck is Cooper?

Me: The guy who was jealous of you and you were jealous of him.

Liam/Cooper: I was not jealous!

Me: Yeah, you were. (replied to both of them at once)

Liam: Okay, whatever. I'll leave you two alone then.

Me: Okay, see ya.

Liam: See ya, babe.


“Who the hell is that guy? And I was- I am so not jealous, just worried- no, curious- no, uh, just wanted to know?” Cooper said slightly panicked about what he was saying, it was cute.

“Hey, calm down...”  I say softly as I gently place my hand on his thigh, “He's a just a guy that I'll be moving in with because my mom is pregnant and getting re-married. Woah, that was totally, a weird and unusual thing to say...”

“So, he's your step- brother.” Cooper concludes my whole phrase.

“Ew. No, we decided to say “roommate” and never say that other word, ever.” I said in disgust of that other word and the thought of using it for Liam.

“Why?” Cooper wondered by our weirdness.

“Uh, awkward and complicated relationship...?” I replied unsure of what to answer, the feeling was just mutual on the use of that word and there was no explanation.

“Uh, okay...” he muttered softly and we arrived to school. I got out the car and got a few looks as people saw me getting out of Cooper's car. I didn't really care, I had more important things happening, for example, what the hell am I going to say once I see Jess, what am I going to do?

Oh fuck, she's there. What do I do? Do I confront her? Right here, right now and get it over with? She hasn't seen me yet, I could easily make a run for it. Uh, um, er, no... I decided to stick to Cooper hoping she wouldn't see me. If she sees me, I will definitely try to stay calm. Fuck, she saw me.

“Hey! Kay! Kayla?” she yelled out to me. I tried to pretend I couldn't hear her or didn't see her but Cooper made his move and turned around.

“Oh, hey, Jessie! How are you? Well, I have somewhere to be right now, I'll leave you two alone. See ya later, babe.” Cooper says and leaves. Once he was behind Jess he mouthed an I'm sorry and then punched a fist into his hand to represent me crushing Jess.

“Hey, why haven't you been answering my messages? You've been completely disconnected from me since Cooper's party. Did something happen?” she asked as if she were completely innocent.

“Cut the bullshit, Jess.” I snapped.

“Excuse me?” she replied with a hint of shock and a little glare in her eyes.

“I said cut your fucking bullshit, Jessica.” I repeated raising my voice. People around were starting to notice. Don't lose your shit, Kayla. Don't fucking lose your shit in front of the whole school.

“I'm sorry, I think you've got something wrong.” she says with attitude in her voice.

“Oh, I think I don't. And looks who's coming this way, the man himself.”  I was nearly yelling. People were crowding around, creating a small circle around us. Jess had turned around to see who I was talking about.

“Oh my god, Kayla.” she says softly after realising that I had found out about her relationship with my ex-boyfriend, Jake.

“What? You're sorry now? You didn't know how to fucking tell me? Is that it? Now you want so fucking bad, for me to forgive you for your mistake? Is that what you were going to say?” I asked her, yelling louder and louder after every question, “I already got all of those bullshit excuses from my mom this weekend and I don't need them again, from a girl who I thought was my best friend. I needed you the past few days, but I didn't want you. Do you have any idea how that feels?” I asked her sincerely.

“Actually, yes, I know exactly how that feels.” she replies softly.

“Oh, really? How's that? Oh, right, let me guess. You weren't able to call your bff and tell her all about the new guy you're crushing on and all the secret hookups in all the secret places because it was actually her ex-boyfriend that she has never gotten over, obviously.” I said unable to stop my sass, “Little side note, totally over you now, Jake! Don't flatter yourself.” I sassed on, “And Jessica, it's gonna take a whole bitch load more than an “I'm sorry” and some donuts for my forgiveness this time.” I finished with that and walked off, pushing my way through the crowd of people I had attracted.



Chapter 11: “I trust you.” she says. “Crazily enough, so do I.”

I went straight into the girl's bathroom, tears running down my face, but someone was running behind. I was hoping it wasn't Jess and that it just happened to be Liam or Cooper coming to my rescue. Instead it was a girl, who I think was in my French class, no, Math?

“Hey, Kayla? You okay?” she asked outside of the bathroom stall. She had arrived too late and I was already locked in with my mascara running. “I saw what happen, it was really brave of you to do that in front of everyone like that. At least, now everyone knows the truth about her.” she tried to get me to talk to her, “Kayla?”

I decided to open the stall door and I gave her a hug. I don't care who the fuck she was, I needed it. “Thanks...” I said. I started to sober up from my crying, and tried to regulated my breathing again. I fixed up my face, my mascara had run, my eyeliner was all over the place and my lipstick was faded from my constant lip-licking.

“Your name is Anna, right?” I asked as I reapplied my make up.

“Actually, it's Hannah.” she replied softly.

“You're a bit shy, we have a few classes together, right?” I asked.

“Uh, we have all classes together, except Math and Second Language class since I take Italian and you take French.” she stated.

“Oh, right, I knew that.” I said as I finished up. “So, now what? We've already missed about 10 to 15 minutes of class. Still wanna go or you wanna blow it off and hang with me?”

“Oh, I don't know...” she hesitates quietly.

“C'mon, we could get some ice cream? I'll pay, any toppings you want.” I pleaded.

“Okay...” she gave up and I dragged her out of school.

“Yay! Just, uh, do you have a car?” I asked, “I kinda left mine at home today.”

“Yeah, I do, but just a fair warning, it's not as great as yours.” I reassured her and we left off to the parking lot. But once we got to the car, it was worse than I had imagined. It was an old, run-down car, paint was completely worn off, I didn't want to go inside of it.

“I warned you...” she said embarrassed.

“Uh, it's okay... We can stop by my house and pick up my car. It's only a few minutes away.” I replied as I got into the ancient car hiding my disgust.

“Okay, no problem.” Hannah said as she started the engine and it was so loud, so rough, it scared me thinking that the car could just break down in the middle of the street. We started driving off, I told her the directions as we talked.

“So, you're probably wondering why I have such a crappy car if we are in a rich part of town, at a rich school, with rich people, and I'm here.” she starts to blab.

“No, I totally get it, you have one of those parents who want you to earn your own money instead of living off of theirs, I know a ton of people like that, don't worry about it.” I exclaimed.

“Actually, no. I don't wanna start off a friendship and you to realise this afterwards and freak out, so I'm gonna tell you now hoping that you won't freak out. The reason why I have such a crap car is because, well, I'm not rich.” she said.

“Wait, what?” I questioned confused.

“My mom is the principal...” she explained.

“Oh... I don't mind, it's okay. That doesn't change anything. Now just take a right and it's just around the block.” I reassured her as I still gave her the directions to my place.

We arrived at my place and I dropped all my school stuff inside. Luckily, mom wasn't home. We ended up on my bed eating tubs of ice cream instead of going back out to buy the ice cream, but I didn't mind.

“You know, you're really pretty. You just don't know how to show it, yet.” I stated as I sat up to get a better look at Hannah, “I could help you out of you want. Give you a fabulous makeover, all the guys will want you, will dream about you.” I wasn't lying though, this girl had amazing hair, light brown, natural waves, she just didn't know how to use it. She had beautiful eyes and her brows definitely needed work. But it wasn't so obvious since she always had those typical black RayBans glasses on, as well as a big top along with baggy boyfriend jeans or sweatpants, has this girl never heard of skinnys?

“Me, pretty? I didn't know that was even possible in one sentence.” she says in disbelief as she throws herself back onto my bed.

“Totally is. Just gonna take some time...” I say imagining all the things I could do, imagining what would look good and what wouldn't. “Can I start now? Just to give you a little sneak peek of what you'd be in for before we go all-out.” I proposed.

“Uh, I don't know...” she mutters uncertain.

“It'll be fun! You won't regret it, promise.” I say confidently.

“Okay, let's do it!” she says with a smile. I jump off my bed and blast some music.

I started off with clothes. No, that's a lie, I started off with a bit of vodka. I know it was really early, but I needed it. I let her try on a few of my things to see what looked good and what didn't, and then let her try on a few of my old stuff that I know I won't wear anymore. I concentrated on tight, more open, and bright colored clothing.

She had such an hourglass figure that was to die for. She even looked amazed herself by how she looked in those clothes. “That's for you to keep.” I tell her with a smile.

“What? No, I couldn't.” she says as she looks at me sincerely.

“No, I insist, I don't wear it anymore and it looks great on you. You can have all of those over there as well.” I add.

“What, are you joking? All of that? You're crazy? I could never take all of that from you.” she replied shocked.

“Of course you could. It's all yours. I have enough clothes and I can buy myself more whenever I need to. Take them, Hannah.” I convinced. She started to thank me endlessly, “Now, we're gonna work on your hair. I'm not sure I can do this alone or if I'm gonna need to take you to the mall and get you to a salon but I'll try. First we're gonna try to straighten it, and then we'll try curling it another day on a different occasion.” I explain, “Whenever you straighten or curl your hair, use a heat-resistant spray or whatever you like, to avoid damaging it.”

She nodded in comprehension and I started to get to work. She took off the glasses as I straightened her hair. It took a while, it was hot, but it was done, and damn did she look good. My fashion skills are greater than I could have ever imagined. We both stood there in awe of my work.

“Well, we're not even halfway done. I still gotta work with that whole situation of the glasses, and then get to make up and such. Also gotta teach you how to work with your naturally wavy hair, but not today since I've already straighten your hair.” I explained.

“Thank you so much, Kayla. I don't know how I could repay for all of this.” she exclaimed of joy.

“You already did by walking into the bathroom this morning. Thank you for that.” I said.

“No problem, but I think we've done enough for today. I gotta be back at school in about an hour.” Hannah says.

“Okay, so, tell me something, anything about you.” I say as I lay back on my bed and she lays next to me.

“Like what?” she asks.

“I don't know. Family, friends, pets, things you love, things you hate, people you love, people you hate...” I listed.

“Well, I have a younger sister, she's 11 years old now and she's a pain in the ass. My dad yells at us all the time because we're yelling at each other all the time. I don't have many friends, as you have probably noticed, I never have really...” she said softly.

“Well, you do now. And I'll introduce you to a few people who will love you as much as I do. But we gotta finish your makeover. Tell me more...” I begged.

“Okay, uh, I have a secret love for writing.” she says to me.

“Writing? Like what, songs, poetry?” I asked wondering about such a rare hobby to find nowadays

“Actually, books. Typical cliche romances, diary entries, about myself and things I have only dreamed of happening, I've also done a few small erotic novel.” she said timidly.

“Erotic novels? So, you're definitely the Lady in the street, freak in the sheets type of girl then?” I asked rhetorically.

“No, of course not. Just a little exploring, that's all. I mean, I haven't even had a boyfriend yet, not even my first kiss.” she said a little embarrassed of all her confessions.

“Not for long... Could I read your books sometime?” I asked.

“Uh, no one's ever read my stuff before. No one knows that I write except for my little sister.” she explained.

“Oh, I understand if you're not comfortable with me reading your personal stuff, don't worry about it.” I assured her.

“No, you can, just a little nervous, and new, that's all.” she says in a soft voice.

“You don't have to if you don't want to, really, I mean it.” I told her.

“No, you can, really, I trust you.” she says.

“Crazily enough, so do I.”




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