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"Nature is a model for many things in life, the one who loses sight of it has lost sight of himself already" – Daniel Kempe


To preserve the pure naturalness in every situation, this for me is art, success and motivation" - Daniel Kempe


Aspiring work means to strive for unity and happiness - Daniel Kempe


Look no further, if you've already found it - Daniel Kempe


Do not fear pain, only fear to forget where it´s from - Daniel Kempe


Work, school, college, work ... we have to go far to find out that it always goes on - Daniel Kempe


To have a single goal is sufficient to be successful, fun then comes afterwards - Daniel Kempe


When I was little I thought money was the most important thing in life, now that I am old, I know it's true - Oscar Wilde


The logic is the illogic of the Insane - Daniel Kempe


What is good for one and not good for the other, is for me a reason to work - Daniel Kempe


There is only one truth – Andreas Modl


Being crazy means something like watching the same movie over and over again without seeing something new in it - Daniel Kempe


Expensve is not equal to quality and quality is not a matter of price – Daniel Kempe


Silly thoughts everyone has, but the wise conceal them - Wilhelm Busch


The genius is a fire, which can last for centuries - sort of Knut Hamsum


The devil has many faces – Daniel Kempe



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