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What is Coral Calcium?


Even though you are diligent about eating a balanced diet, you can still be calcium deficient. Coral Calcium is a very popular alternative to add calcium to your diet. Coral Calcium may be the best calcium supplement out there.


Coral Calcium is made through the harvesting and processing coral reefs. Coral calcium also contains 73 trace minerals and elements that are said to be of great benefit to the body when taken with calcium.


Coral calcium is a great source of calcium for your body. This is because it is able to be absorbed by the body more easily than regular calcium. While other calcium supplements may be well known, it is more important that your body absorbs the proper amount of calcium.


For instance, calcium from dairy products will only provide your body with about 12 percent of usable calcium. Calcium carbonate, found in most calcium supplements will give your body only 10 percent usable calcium. Coral calcium, on the other hand, gives the body 33 to 37 percent usable calcium. It is said that coral calcium is the best source of calcium for your system.


Researchers have been unable to agree on how coral calcium works, they do agree on the fact that it does work. Some feel that it works because it changes the pH of the body from an acid state, to a state that is more alkali. Other researchers believe that it is a more homeopathic application. There are many theories on how this supplement works.


Many agree that the answer lies in the 73 trace minerals and elements that are found naturally in coral calcium, and the way they work with the calcium in the body. The coral calcium is processed before harvest by the small sea creatures that live within the coral reef. It is thought that this is a key factor to coral calcium being more readily absorbed by the body.

The Role of Calcium in the Body

Of all the minerals in the body, calcium is found to be the most abundant. While 99 percent of the calcium is in the bones and teeth, the rest is found in the blood and within other cells throughout the body. Calcium contributes to muscle contraction, maintaining blood pressure, the ability of blood to clot, and a healthy nervous system.


Calcium and Your Bones

Most of the research on calcium centers around the effect it has on the bones. With this in mind, it is important to know how calcium and bones are related. The bones are constantly under attack by osteoclasts (bone destroying cells), which will tear the bone down when the body needs calcium. When efficient amounts of calcium are introduced, the bone is rebuilt. Bone density has a lot to do with how much calcium is available in the body to build bone. There also needs to be enough calcium in the body for all other processes where it is needed.


If there is not a sufficient amount of calcium circulating throughout the body, the lack of outside sources of calcium or a lack of the hormone that is meant to regulate calcium levels in the body could cause the body to draw calcium from the bones, this makes the bone weaker. When the calcium supply in the body is not sufficient, osteoporosis (porous bone) or osteopenia (bone poverty), a condition that increases the risk of bone fracture, occurs.


50 percent of all women will develop osteoporosis. Over 25 million Americans have osteoporosis, and 80 to 90 percent of those affected with the disease are women. More than 2 million American men are sufferers of this disease, they are not immune to a lack of calcium in the body. Osteoporosis is responsible for about 600,000 fractures of the spine, and nearly 300,000 hip fractures. Bone loss does not pose a big problem for men until they are 70 or older. Men lose a minute amount of their bone mass, starting around the age of 50. Women will lose twice as much per year as men, starting


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