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Chapter 1 - Introduction

When people think of yoga, the earlier images may pop into their heads. They may think about “flower people” in the era of the 1960s formed in a circular position reciting weird chants and other noises. Yoga has been around and people have engaged in it for a long time.

In recent years, people are now using it to keep their bodies and their minds in shape. They also use it to explore themselves internally and to keep their minds level.

More people started getting into yoga around the 1960s. One of the persons who was big in it was Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. He happened to be affiliated with the Beatles. Since then, yoga has been made more popular for the past several years. Also, yoga is now being incorporated with the wellness industry.

It’s been noted that the concept of yoga actually started over 5,000 years ago at the inception of human civilization. As the years passed on, yoga was made to cater to the inward man and centered on individual inner-being and enlightenment.

Yoga is practiced in different religions and cultures, such as Buddhism and Hinduism, to name a few. It is known as a symbol of peace. In addition to that, many fitness workout centers and gyms are incorporating yoga as an individual class for people to take at their facilities.

It has been proven that yoga is not only good for your inner soul, but it is also good for the healing of different ailments, such as headaches, backaches and for women, menstrual cramping.

Many people are now starting to take on yoga for their health benefits. In addition to that, it is rapidly becoming one of the fastest ways to fitness. From the common man to the upper echelon corporate executive, people are getting a lot out of yoga.

You even have people from the Hollywood elite and professional sports getting involved to find a balance in their lives as well as their bodies.

Yoga is not just for developing your body. It is also focused on the spiritual side. The word yoga is also known as “yoke” or “union” in the language of India. This means that in order to connect with your nature or soul, you would have to integrate your mind and body as one.

In order to further delve into the spiritual side, there are some facilities that teach “hatha yoga”. This type of yoga teaches on postures and your breathing in order to get you ready for the spiritual side. This type of yoga also requires a lot of discipline.

Chapter 2 - What Is Yoga About?

Yoga is known as an Indian concept that encourages personal development. It is done in phases and requires concentration and focus from the individual involved. Even though yoga has a spiritual side, it is not considered a religion, like say, Hinduism or Buddhism. On the physical side, there is hatha yoga.

This type of yoga deals with disciplined breathing and posing. This technique requires that the person involved is focused and concentrating on what they’re doing when they’re involved in this. Yoga can be done by anyone, not matter how old they are or what disabilities they may have.

Yoga can also be used to renew your mind. It is a tool to help expand the horizons of your spiritual or religious concepts. After you have engaged in yoga for some time, you start to feel relaxed and invigorated.

Your will have relaxed muscles and your bones will be strong and in alignment. Your breathing will be focused and your lungs will be strong. This will help you to have a relaxed body.

With this, you will have a deeper appreciation for your body and soul. You’ll be able to fully relax your body without any frustration. With yoga, you will be able to experience an inner peace that no other exercise can probably provide for you.

Even if you haven’t engaged in exercise in years, you will still be able to benefit from yoga. Yoga focuses on your body alignment when you engaged in the poses. Since the poses


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