So, this is the first half ( stay tuned )

Dear Diary:-

Hi! this is my first time doing a diary around the world, and yes I haven't told you that I was going around the world,my name is Ashley,

I'll be going to U.S and technically every content on the map.

First ill be going to Montreal, its very pretty there and my family said they enjoyed it when they went.

They sent me this letter, here I’ll stick it in


Ashley x


Its really nice here in Montreal, but its quite hot.

Liana like it, she loves splashing in the water, the water that’s warm.

Brandon likes it too! He wishes he will stay there forever, but we can't allow that, we will spend one more extra day here since every one likes it so much, I hope you and Leah are okay, don't make a mess, don't stay up to late watching stupid Zombie films! They would give you night mares.

Liana hope or wishes to see you soon, also auntie Tamara wishes to see you soon to,

Bye bye





Although they said it was hot, I still want to go,

And I’m going with my friend Canada, she's 23, so yeah, 3 years older than me.



I arrived at England Airport and met up with Canada, we got onto the plain and saw some people we knew off you-tube, and face book for that matter, ca


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