Its dark, too dark and cold. I lie on bed deciding weather I should sleep or not. I decide positive and close my eyes. Images of blood on a white wall and a girl dead on the ground that looks too much like me start to run through my head. I open my eyes immediately and start stearing at the darkness once again. Is over a week that the nightmare keeps coming over and over every night taking from me the possibility of sleeping. I start thinking about the possibility of the dream to be some sort of prediction or something and my mouth goes dry.

I climb out of bed and start my way to the kitchen at the research of water. A bug starts flying around me creepily and as much as I try not to make noises the wood under my foots creaks at every step and my heart is beating so strongly inside my chest that I can even hear that. I just ended the corridor, just another 15 meters I remind to my selfI cross the garden door other 10 more meters I think to calm my self down. Just few more seconds and the lights of the kitchen will save me from the darkness.

Knock knock, someone knocked at the door so quietly that I could barely hear it, so quietly that for a moment I thought it was just my imagination playing games on me. I lean closer to the door. Knock knock I hear again. Someone from the outside is asking me to come in but I know better. I start to walk slowly backward. That someone, now, is banging on my door so strongly, almost angrily that even the floor under my foots start to shake. The fear takes controI of my body freezing it and don't know how much they wooden door can resist.

"Run" I command to myself but my foots just won't respond and 30 seconds later the door is open and a stranger with a black mask covering his face walks in. His eyes are so dark and deep that I get lost in their immensity.

"Get out of here!" I shout. Unfortunately my voice hasn't came out as loud and determent as I had hoped for. Instead it sounded weak and shaky, it didn't  even sounds mine. "What?!?!" The stranger barks. I suddenly reconize the deep and small eyes and the low yet loud voice of the man. He is the creepy  police man called Mr. Dephenton that runs all the time with his mocycle around our area. "I said, get out of here before I call the police" I repeat, this time with a more steady voice. At first I thought he broke into tears shortly after I realize that he is just loughing at my audacity, or stupidy, probably.

With out thinking I try to rush to the phone when I notice something shining in Mr. Dephenton's hand. I instinctively turn to look at the object and with my horror I see a gun. Blood starts to leave my head and the room starts spinning, and before I have time to understand what is happening a loud bang fills the air. I collapse on the floor and the world around me becomes darker and darker.



“AAAHHH!!!”. I am awaken by the horrifide screem of my mum. I jump out of bed and rush to the entrance only to find my mother breaking into tears and falling in her knees. I stop few meters from her and ask. “Hey mum, what’s wrong?” My voice must’ve came out too low because she didn’t even turn her head to me or made any signs that she had heard me. Instead, she put someone’s head in her lap and start crying, screaming nonsense words. “Why? Why my poor girl? What did they do to you? Please, please open you eyes, please, do it for your mum!”.

What??!? I must be still sleepy because what she is saying doesn't make sense at all, why would she say something like this. "What do you mean, mum? I am fine, just look at me, please! Can't you hear me? Can't you see me?


At that, a bad feeling appeared, like if my stomach is becoming smaller and smaller starts to increase inside my belly as I walk towards my mum. “Mum,please, look at me, I am here, right next to you!” I cry desperate for her to look at me and tell me that everything is going to be alright. However, somehow I already know what is waiting for me few meters ahead. And then I see it. A white wall covered in blood and a girl with dark brown hairs and a pale lifeless face, with two closed eyes with black circles around them ling on the floor wearing the same pijama I am, just covered  with more blood. This is the scene I have to assist every time I close my eyes. But why if all of this, is just the same nightmare I’ve been dreaming of every night, I can smell the blood? And why the scream of desperations of my mother sound so high and loud that it even hurts my hears? How come that I even feel pain? And most of all, what makes this nightmare so  different from the others that this time I am not able to open my eyes and simply wake up in my bed, sweaty, scared, confused a bit, maybe, but happy it was all, just another nightmare?



And then I notece something; by looking in the mirror, I can see the whole room with my mum crying and the girl still in the ground but it won't show myself. I slowly walk toward the mirror while my brain is working so hard to figure things out.

Now I'm standing right in front of the mirror but my reflection is still not there. I raise my hand in the attempt to touch the mirror and what I see terrifies me so much that I start to scream. My hand is in fact half transparent, like, I see it it's just not there, and when I touch the mirror I don't and can't feel it, my hand gets actually right threw the reflections of the rest of the room.

It's in that moment that I have a kind of strange daydream, a loud banging on the door and then a silence broke by a evil kind of lough and then another BANG, this time from a pistol, a gunshot that made my chest aching so badly and made my lungs stop sucking in more air. With the ache comes also the realization that I am not daydreaming, that is actually the flashback of the terrifying  night of yesterday.

Knock knock, someone is now knocking in the door. However my mum is just to week and wreched to stend up and see who is outside, instead she keeps carresing the brown hair of my motionless body between the sobs.

Knock knock, the knocking countinues and a male voice shouts from outside "Police, please Ms. open the door!"

"Mum? I think you should open the door" I say knowing she won't here me anyway, However she does stop sobbing and get to her feet and open the door.

"Oh.No. This can't be real!! No, no, NOO". My mind screams. And yet, yes. entering the door of MY house, there is Mr. Dephenton, the same Mr. Dephenton that killed me. "What happened here?" he shouts to my mum

"What?!?!? You killed me!!" I awnser him. 

"Look what they did to my daughter!" My poor mother answers instead. 

"Who was it? Did you see the person? or people? When did it happen?" He dares to ask. 

"What game are you playing Mr. Dephenton, huh?"  I ask him back.

"Oh, I have no idea, it happened during the night, while I was at work, you see I am a nurse, and I work during the night" my mother answered.

"Ok, I need to call my colleagues to investigate the case, while you are going to come with me to the police station for further questions".

"Ok" My mother agrees. And with a final look back she leaves the house.



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