The Rolling Thunder...

~Hinata's POV~


"So, what time should I come over?" Asked Kageyama. "At 4, if that's fine," I replied. "That's, fine. I'll see you then, bye!" Kageyama started walking the way to his house. I rode home as fast as I could. I have the perfect plan. Today is supposed to rain and I'm...scared of the...thunder, so I want to see Kageyama's reaction.

"Hey mom!" I said when I walked in. "Hello! Welcome home Shouyou," Mom replied. I smiled at mom and ran to my room to make sure it wasn't messy for when Kageyama comes over. "Oh crap, I forgot. He has to sleep in my bed...with me for tonight, because the last time he slept over he through up all over the sleeping bag. Heh heh heh, now I get to make fun of him," I said to myself. I had a huge grin on my face.

I was in my room listening to music, while waiting for the king to arive, when I could barely hear the doorbell ring. I took off my headphones and listened to my mom welcome Kageyama in and tell him I was in my room. I shut my eyes and fake slept. I heard him open the door. Luckly my head was facing towards my wall so he wouldn't see my laughing face. "Oi Hinata!" Kageyama called. "Oi!" He punched me in the arm. "What he hell," I said. "I knew you weren't asleep. So were am I sleeping." "Really idoit. Were sleeping in the same bed because someone had to puke all over the fricking sleeping bag." "Shut up!" "Just leave your stuff on my bed and lets go down stairs."

When we came down stairs, Natsu was coming inside from being at the neighbor's house. "Tobio-chan!" Natsu said in a cheerie voice. I looked over at Kageyama who was not smiling. "Hey Natsu," Kageyama answered. "Can I sit by you when we have dinner?" Natsu asked Kageyama. "Sure, why not?" Kageyama replied. I looked at him in a confused way. We had rice and curry for super. Natsu talked about school and me and Kageyama talked about how volleyball was going. It was a nice meal.

Kageyama and I headed up stairs to watch a movie. "What do you want to watch?" I asked. "What about a scary movie?" Kageyama shrugged. I shrugged back in response. I told Kageyama to stay up here, while I asked mom for the scariest movie we owned. She told me she didn't know, so I grabbed one of the paranormal movies and ran up stairs. I popped the disc in, turned on the t.v., turned off the lights, and sat next to Kageyama on the bed. Of coarse I was scared shitless, while Kageyama would jump a few times.

After the movie we both decided it was time to sleep. We both got into our pj's (which we both just had an extra shirt and stayed in our boxers). We got in bed, both of us as far apart from each as possible. I could hear the rain start to fall down. I knew hell was about to begin. The rain fell down before it started to thunder. I jumped and put the blankets over my head. "Hey Hinata," I heard Kageyama say. "Are you awake?"


~Kageyama's POV~


I looked over at Hinata. I was supprised. He had the covers over his head. I noticed everytime it thundered. He jumped. "Are you scared of thunder?" I asked. "Shut up," He said in a shaky voice. "Really dude." "Leave me alone." It sounded like he was crying. "Your crying?" I said. "Go away!" He yelled back. "Like hell." I grabbed the blankets, that were over him and pulled them off. When I saw his face, it was covered in tears. "Dude, are you okay?" "I said shut up!" BANG!  Went the thunder, in shock, Hinata tried to find the blanket, but it was on the floor from me pulling it off. He grabbed my hand. "What the hell ude?!" I said confused. He just lay there shaking and holding my hand. I felt bad for him. So I lie down next to him. He looked at me with scared eyes. BANG!  Went the next thunder. He grabbed tighter, so I pulled him into my arms. He made a voice that sounded shocked. I pulled him closer and hugged him. "What the hell am I doing?" I said to myself.


~Hinata's POV~


Kageyama was holding me in his arms, hugging me!?! I couldn't let go, I felt safe, not lonely and thatKageyama would protect me from a monster called thunder. I could feel my face burn red. What the hell? Why am I blushing? Before I knew it, I fell asleep in his arms. I woke up to Kageyama on the floor. I started laughig. He fell out of bed. I woke Kageyama up and told him he could get in bed. He got up and fell asleep in my bed. I walked down stairs to see mom and Natsu cooking rice. "Good mourning Shouyou!" Mom said. "Natsu, why don't you go watch t.v." "Okay, Mommy!" Natsu smiled. Natsu skpped off to the living room. "Are you dating Tobio or something, Shouyou?" Mom asked. My face turned red. "Why would you think that!?" I said shocked. "Well, I was woken by the thunder last night and went to check on you to see if you were scared. When I walked in you were in his arms, both asleep." "He found me crying and pulled me into his arms." "Oh, do you have feelings for him, in like a romantic way?" "No!" "I'm sorry." "It's fine mom." I walked out into the living to see Kageyama sitting next to Natsu on the couch. "Crap, what if he heard me and mom talking?" I said to myself. "H-hey, I thought you were asleep." I said. "After you woke me up, I couln't fall asleep again." Kageyama said. "Sorry." "It's fine." "So what time are you planning on heading home?" "11, if that's fine?" "Yeah, that's okay."

After Kageyama left, I went in my room and thought to myself. "Do I have a crush on him? Why when I look at him I burn up? Fuck, I can't stop thinking about him! Shit, I do have a crush on him!"  "What am I going to do?" I mumbled to myself.


~Monday Morning~

~Hinata's POV~


I woke up feeling weird. I shouldn't go to school. I'll just won't stop blushing when I'm around, won't I? "Hey mom!" I yelled. "Yes Shouyou?" She said poking her head in. "I don't feel good." "Like what kind of feeling?" "Like throw up sick." "I'll call the school to tell them your sick then." "Alright. Thannks mom." "No problem." She left the room. I sat there wondering if Kageyama would text me, yelling at me for getting sick and missing practice.


~3 PM~




"Where are you?"

"Everyone's wondering."

"You weren't in class."



"I'm a home. I felt like throwing up, with a good days rest it helped."







 ~Kageyama's POV~


Hinata's been acting a little weird lately, I don't know if he feels weird because of what happened at our last sleepover. Oh well.


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