After all the news about the humanitarian activities of celebs and NGOs., wonder why there exist people who are still in need and suffer. Why are we not able to eradicate poverty, hunger, disease, worry and fear; when there are so many people trying their best?

When a pot has a hole at the bottom, any amount of water poured into it would eventually get drained off making our efforts futile. In spite of all the efforts these good people undertake to every kind of humanitarian activity, there is a hole underneath that is yet to be plugged. What could possibly be that hole which drains the efforts of all these good people and hence the number of needy and suffering increase.?

Hypocrisy is the hole that nullifies all good efforts. Progress and Peace in real sense can be achieved only when we become explicitly attuned with truth, justice, humility and discipline. Progress of any kind should necessarily be a positive measurement on the parameter - peace of mind; else mere hypocrisy.


Wish the water transport system is planned and executed in Chennai. Need of the hour. Optimisation of water bodies in Chennai is the demand of the situation.

I am against temple tanks getting converted to parks. Rain water inlets that open into lakes should be restored and protected. Preserving lakes shall ensure a stable ground water table. While restoring the rain water inlets, care to be taken that sewage water does not get diverted to lakes. management challenge.

Wish to hear news of the government creating new water bodies in addition to maintaining the existing ones. A fresh and new look at a business proposal connected to the water bodies of the city need to be worked out for its sustainability. Reinvent

Government should also have options to divert the abundant water flowing in rivers during monsoons to these lakes. Sheer professionalism in management. A whole revamp of the city's landscape should be planned and executed in stages., irrespective of the ruling party.


Brahmacharyaashramam does not refer to curtailing the outflow of the seminal fluid. It refers to a state of mind, which is not attracted to the opposite sex.

Even during sexual intercourse, the state of Brahmacharyam can be maintained if the mind is free from sexual attraction. It is when, the act of sexual intercourse is performed in a detached manner. Karma Yoga. Instance is found in the Mahabharatha.

Vichitraveerya is the son of Shantanu and Sathyavathi. Bheeshma performs the marriage of Vichitraveerya with Ambika and Ambalika - daughter of Raja of Kashi Vichitraveerya dies without raising progeny. This is where, Ved Vyasa comes to rescue.

Ved Vyasa is the son of Sathyavathi and Maharishi Parasara. So, Ved Vyasa is the brother of Vichitraveerya. Ved Vyasa is called Krishna Dwaibayana.

Dhiridharaashtra is the son of Ved Vyasa and Ambika. Pandu is the son of Ved Vyasa and Ambalika. Vidhura is the son of Ved Vyasa and the maid of Ambika.

There is also another insight in the above incident on the quality or traits of the child as determined by the mental state of the mother during intercourse and pregnancy.

Another instance of the mental state of the mother determining the child's nature is seen in the life story of Prahalaad. Impact of Narada narrating stories of Vishnu to wife of Raja Hiranyakashibu, while she was pregnant, makes Prahalaad devotee of Mahavishnu. Similarly, Abhimanyu was born well versed in all aspects of warfare except chakra vyuha due to Arjuna reciting them to pregnant Shubhadra.

A lady is revered in the most respectable position as mother. Reason is only because of her responsibility to anchor her thoughts throughout pregnancy on lofty ideals, that the progeny may be righteous.

Chastity of a woman is all powerful. It has the power even to turn the three major deities of the universe - Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma to kids and it is a reality.

Chastity of a woman - Loyal and revering only to her husband, grants her very easily the one-pointed concentration; that the Men would need to toil years together doing rigorous penance to achieve.

In ancient model of the society, women were encapsulated in their homes. It was not curtailing their freedom, rather respect accorded to them. Even now, in temples, we see the main deity encapsulated in the Sanctum Sanctorum. Only the peripheral deities are seen scattered around. ;-p

The state of mind matters most. Another instance.

Sage Durvasa was respected as the highest of all the sages. It is laid down in scriptures, that he who eats one time a day is a Yogi, twice - Bhogi, thrice - Rogi. Sage Durvasa would eat any amount of food any number of times in a day, if offered. But still regarded as the highest of all Yogis.

The point is before consuming food, he would say, "Krishnaarpanam" meaning "Offered to Krishna". So, it is Krishna who is eating the food, not Durvasa. So, In reality, Durvasa does not even consume the one time meal permitted a day; and this makes him eligible to be revered as the highest of all yogis.

The point is our mental conviction matters most. Faith is most important. All faith is blind. Faith evolves where reasoning fails; or rather, reasoning evolves to become faith. After which there is no reasoning. Faith is the best form of reasoning. In Sanskrit, it is called "Bhava".


GURU is necessary for any amount of spiritual progress. Complete faith and attitude of surrender are the foundation of spiritual development. One would get blessed with a GURU if one's search is true. No need to roam around visiting ashrams. Sincere prayers at home would do.

Prayer blooms out of complete faith. Prayer is surrendering ego to the Almighty. A strong and clear inner voice is the result of prayer. The strong and clear inner voice is the guiding light to the GURU. It is not the intellect that recognises the GURU rather the inner self.

The most difficult part for one is the GURU accepting us, and blessing us with DHEEKSHA. It forms the link between the GURU and SHISYA. When a person gets a GURU and DHEEKSHA., the search ENDS. What is needed then is just complete faith, surrender, endurance and patience.

குருவின் உண்மையான ஸ்வரூபம் அகண்டாகார தத்வம்.

Every person has got a GURU. Go in search of the GURU. Pray intently. Sincere prayers are always answered. No doubt. When I said, "Go in search of the GURU"., I do not mean physical roaming, rather intense prayer to a form of belief. Answer to every question is within us. Search within. Its where the treasure lies. Ask yourself., Do I trust HIM.

குரு கிடைத்துவிட்டால், தெய்வம் கூட தேவை இல்லை. இது சத்தியம்.

Everything in this universe is predetermined. I am able to see the hand of the supreme self in every activity. Freewill is absurd and stupid. There is absolutely no free will.


மானுட வாழ்வின் லட்சியம், குருவை அடைவதே. ஒவ்வொரு மனிதருக்கும் குரு உண்டு. சத்குரு, பரமகுரு, ஜகத்குரு. குருவின் பாதத்தில் தான் ஆனந்தம் சித்திக்கும். சந்தோசம்-துக்கம் இவைகளை கடந்தால் ஆனந்தம். அத்வைதம் ஆனந்தம்.

காதற்ற ஊசியும் வாராது காணும் கடைவழிக்கே. குருவை சரண் அடைவதை தவிர வேறு உபாயம் இல்லை. ஆனந்தம் குருவின் பாதத்தில்.

யானைக்கு தும்பிக்கை எப்படியோ; அப்படியே மனிதருக்கு நம்பிக்கை. குருவிடம் சிஷ்யன் பரிபூரண நம்பிக்கையுடன் சரண் அடைந்தால் ஆனந்தம் நிச்சயம். நம்பிக்கையே சகலமும்.

ஆசாரியர் ஒரு நியதி வழி நடப்பவர். குரு எல்லா கட்டுப்பாடுகளுக்கும் அப்பாற்பட்டவர். குருவும் சிஷ்யனும் இணைபிரியாத தம்பதி போன்றவர்கள். ஐக்கிய நிலைக்கு முன்னேறுபவர்கள். குருவும் சிஷ்யனும் பரஸ்பர சம்பந்தத்தால் ஒன்று பட்டு நிலைக்கின்றனர்.


I like the term "Birthday Dress" that we colloquially use to refer a naked human body. This body is a "Dress" that we wore on the day of our birth. So, we are different from our body. We are not the body. Nice, Beautiful and Factual Inference.

English is a beautiful language. "My head is paining.", meaning I am not my head; " My body is paining", meaning I am not my body.?

I and the body are two distinct entities.


India’s demand for clean water will grow 50% by 2030. India’s annual water demand in 2030 will be 1,500 billionkilolitres. Availability - 744 billionkilolitres. What are we gonna do to increase and enhance our sources of fresh water?

Apart from our dependency on rain, rivers, lakes., how would it be if we could use recycled waste water to flush toilets and water plants? A strategically thought out working plan to have separate flow of fresh water and recycled water in every house for specific purposes.

Separate tanks, distinct pipe lines that carry fresh water for drinking, cooking and bathing utilities and waste water for toilets and gardens.? India marching ahead to a very serious water crisis. Nationalising and linking rivers is the only solution.


ஸஞ்சித கர்மா தீராமல் எவ்வளவு குடுத்தாலும் தங்காது. தேவா... மாயையின் விளையாட்டு, கண்ணனும் காமுகனென கொள்ள படுவானே.

ராஜா கௌசிகன் கடும் தவ முயற்சியால் ராஜரிஷி ஆகலாம். அவன் தன் உயிரையே தியாகம் செய்ய துணிந்தமையால் விஸ்வாமித்திரன் ஆகலாம்; ஆனால், எவ்வளவு முயன்று தவம் செய்தாலும், தான் என்ற அகந்தை உள்ளவரை, ப்ரஹ்மரிஷி ஆகமுடியாது.

மும்மூர்த்திகளை சுற்றி வளைத்து, ஒரு தனி ஸ்வர்கலோகமே உருவாக்கினாலும், பணிவு இல்லாதவரையிலும், நிம்மதி இல்லை. ஆன்மீகத்தின் அடிநாதம் பணிவு எனும் அடக்கம் எனும் விநயம்.

ஒரு தனி ச்வர்கலோகத்தை உருவாக்கும் அளவிற்கு ஆற்றல் இருப்பினும் பணிவு இன்றி நிம்மதி இல்லை எனும் போது, சாதாரண மக்களாகிய நம்முடைய நிலைபாடு என்ன?


Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi in my view is not a mahatma., rather a shrewd politician. He knew his country didn't have the military muscle to fight the British. All he did was a SWOT analysis to match their weakness and his natural advantage. The comparative advantage is the factor that M.K.Gandhi played upon. Simple.

The moment we stop referring M.K.Gandhi as Mahatma, we would be able to compare ourselves with his strategy and improve upon it. May be from now on let us stop isolating M.K.Gandhi referring him as Mahatma.

The modest way of disagreeing with a person's view is to escalate his perceived personality to a higher level. And that's exactly, what we have done with M.K.Gandhi.


Assistance to providing education is good. Feeding hungry stomachs is the best. Hunger is the root cause of all malice. A hungry stomach surpasses every moral sense of ethics and intellect even to commit a heinous crime for want of food and water.

Any amount of Education to a hungry and starving person is farce. May the prime focus be eradication of hunger. Any comparison between two entities infers that both the entities are in a sequence and hence don't conflict. Simple.

Entire education system should focus on developing skills that can be applied in day to day life to earn a living; especially government schools. These schools cater to the pupils of the lower strata of the society, who cannot afford higher education. Hence the reason. What are the opportunities available for a pupil in government school that would focus on "doing a job and earning money for a livelihood?"

The focus of any institution should be based on its participants and their focus in life with consideration to their background. Providing or trying to provide the same focus and treatment to pupils of government schools as in private schools is stupidity. Invalid comparison. When a person walks out of a government school, may he/she possess working knowledge on a multitude of tasks that earn them money with respect.

Mark sheets are irrelevant as long as they cannot afford higher education, whatsoever may be the reason behind. Skills matter most. Today, I wonder how relevant is my mark sheets that I have gathered so far. oops.. They are just trash.


Degrees and Diplomas may earn us our first interview; but it is the skill set that we possess that would make us successful in the interview. A professional course, in my view, is one that builds the skill sets of a person making him a professional in real sense; and land him in a job.


In my experience; the best way to beat stress is to disengage for a while; and do something that's totally different. No point analysing stress critically. Just ignore the task that creates stress and engage in an activity that is totally different.

Psychologically, our minds would always be analysing the task that gave us the stress in its background; the blind spot of our conscious mind. The interesting activity that we perform disengaging ourselves from the stressful dilemma; would actually refresh our minds and add vigour to it.


Temples are centers of prayer, where people gather to pray to the almighty for peace and contentment. Display of material extravaganza is stupidity. Focus of temples should be to ensure that the people who visit are able to remain in peace while offering their prayers to the almighty.

Temples must remain clear off any unwanted distractions; whatsoever it may be, for whatever reason. Where is the need for covering the temple walls and roofs with gold and silver? Why this show-off? GOD is equally claimed by the rich and poor. Where is the need for preparing gold and silver kavachams for the idol? Why the idol should have so much jewellery on it? unnecessary pomp.

The focus of temples should be on fulfilling the most basic wants of the people - food, clothing and shelter. Who else can be one's best associate than GOD in times of distress and calamity?

I understand GOD lives in temples. If you guys separate HIM from me, with all this pomp and luxury, where else can I go, with my sufferings? If it is true that GOD is one's best associate even in the worst of times, then should I not be allowed to reach him in times of pain and grief?

The root cause of all evil is the economic divide among people. Showcasing luxury is a manifestation of stupidity. Sensible to be simple. Temples should emanate simplicity in every front. Focus should be on fulfilling the basic wants of the people visiting the temples. Only then, the GOD in those temples shall be revered.


The divinity of temples remain intact even after so many trials by atheists. The focus of temples is to enhance our divinity.

The substratum of Hinduism focus on individual code of ethics and morals; than grouping people. Sandhyavandhanam, Jepam, Thavam, Puja, Agnihotram, Aupaasanam, every activity focus on individual discipline. No groupism. Hinduism survives and sustains on individual code of ethical and moral conduct and values.

Even the Almighty Perumaal is always sleeping - Yoganidra. It is called shedding the attitude of performance - Ego. In Hinduism, there is the concept called GURU. GURU is considered at a level higher than even GOD. Hinduism trains one to be submissive even on the face of intense turmoil. Sandeepika. Prahalaad.

Sandeepika and Prahalaad were adored. Vishwamitra was continuously kept in check by Vashishta; for lack of humility and endurance.  Essence of spirituality is humility. Humility; grants endurance; grants patience; grants detachment; grants realisation of impermanency; grants stability of mind; grants peace.


Everything in this world is predetermined - The essential message of puraana kathaas in Hinduism.

The killing of Raavana and Kumbhakarna in the hands of Raama is predetermined by the curse of Brahma's psychic sons to Jayan and Vijayan. The killing of Kamsa and Sishupaala in the hands of Krishna was in fact intimated to them at their early stages of their life.

Everything is predetermined. The essential message from the puraana kathaas of Hinduism. Free will absolutely do not exist. However, it does not mean, one should sit idle and keep quiet; but try to understand that everything is predetermined; hence duties must be performed with a mind detached to the results of so called one's actions. The practical reality is, no one can remain inactive at any point of life; for even breathing is an activity!

When actions are performed with a detached mind, selfish pursuits gets rooted out and hence our every action results in the betterment of society. Our betterment in real sense shall be possible only with the betterment of society. Imbibing this quality is the elemental ingredient to remove social evils.


The crux of an organisation are the mid level process oriented Managers. Their sync with the top management on one side and the work force on the other end is the critical element of employee engagement. A well defined and focused mid level managers is the solution to instil and enhance employee engagement in companies.


Resume is no story about the candidate; rather a document that highlights only the necessary skills that match the requirements of the job.

The objective of a Resume is to gain an interview. Key words that highlight skills desired by the management is critical.


Sarasvathi Puja - Revering the Goddess of Education.

Real purpose of education is development of intellect to effectively differentiate between good and evil; and practice good; come whatever. The irony of today's education is such that those who are well educated are found to be the most corrupt in the best possible manner.

Today's education has resulted in identifying itself with the ability of a person to be unethical and still be respected in the society. Downfall of human race is characterised by deteriorating values despite rise in educated people.

Material prosperity was and is never a reflection of human progress. Today, In spite of all material progress, a human being needs money even for the basic supplies that sustain life - Water and Food. Pathetic. The day isn't far when we would need money even to breathe to live. Would anyone dare to call this progress? Our forefathers had all these free.

If we claim to be intellectually strong, we should ensure that the most basic elements to sustain life are available to everyone free. Real progress. Unfortunately today, we are forced to pay even for those that our forefathers enjoyed free of cost; that too in abundance. Progress? eh. May the Goddess of intellect shower upon us the blessing of intellectual development that aptly identifies real progress.

When we compare our forefathers with us, we seem to be more educated and intelligent. Reality is, they lived a more peaceful and secure life than us. Sarasvathi is identified in white - Purity in every sense. Today's education is identified with one's ability to cheat and still claim respect.


Educational Institutions must transform from offering degrees and diplomas to professional training center catering to companies requirements. A professional course, in reality, is one which prepares and trains its participants to be industry ready even from the first day of employment. Even better for a professional course to demand respect is when it builds entrepreneurship abilities in its participants.


Blessings from the Almighty is a reciprocal of our sincere prayers. Temples are just boosters of our individual spiritual energy. I remember a phrase, get born in a temple; but never die in a temple. It means transcend the state of visiting temples for spiritual upliftment. The result is, we would get to see GOD everywhere; not just in idols. But, even guys who visit temples, don't see GOD but just idols. They are more interested in display of their social status and Luxury. Cheap Stuff.


When one is elated by the receipt of public attention, craze, fan-following and resultant monetary benefits; must also shoulder additional responsibility to remain socially acceptable even in one's own personal and professional life; irrespective of one's own beliefs.
When, even a single person begins to listen to us, watch us, imitate us; our responsibility increases to an extent that we should remain careful enough not to provoke or propel others into activities that contradict the cultural and traditional values of the land; even if our personal ideas conflict.

My body, my attire, my style, my beliefs, my ideas, my activities, blah..blah..blah.. are just mine and my rights only as long as I remain secluded in isolation. The moment I step out in the open; it is imperative that I shoulder additional responsibility to adhere to the traditional, cultural and social norms of the land. Its called decency and etiquette!


The only route to eternal peace and bliss is to surpass duality. Adwaitham. The state of Adwaitham cannot be attained by any amount of human effort. It has to happen all by itself. When we are able to see the hand of almighty in every activity of the universe, we get to understand that there is no free will.

Everything is predetermined. Everything is a game played by the Almighty. Absolutely no free will. It is when sense of performance loses ground. Resultant is that, we become a mere witness to the Game played by the Almighty.

We remain unperturbed by the profit and loss calculation of the material world. When we transcend the state of performance, we disown the results too. That bestows stability of mind. peace, come what may.

We transcend the circle of nears and dears, relatives and friends. Everything, everyone are alike and similar. Its truth and justice that one gets to see. Attachment to people and things, fame and popularity gets eroded. When we transcend the state of duality, psychic powers too fall apart. 'cos there is none other than me. Do I need psychic powers to know my mind?

ஞானிகள் சித்திகளை அநித்தியம் என நிந்தித்த காரணம் இதுவே.

An interesting fact is that, only humans have this ability to reason all these. It is a faculty very specific only to humans. It is human nature to display those skills and luxury that is very specific to us; but we have so long been ignoring this faculty that is unique to us.

The only way to kindle this faculty is to go deep inside us. It is called introspection. Patience and Humility are prime requisites. The objective of human birth is to take every effort to transcend the cycle of Birth and Death. Human birth is a rare opportunity to transcend the cycle of birth and death. In this so called dark age of kali, transcending this is quite easy too. The essence of spirituality is humility.


கற்பு எனப்படுவது யாதெனில், எடுத்துக்கொண்ட லட்சியதினிலிருந்து விலகாதிருத்தல். சீடன் எனில், குருவினிடம் பரிபூரண சரணாகதி அடைந்து இருத்தல். பரிபூரண சரணாகதியின் விளைவு, சிற்றறிவின் ஆதிக்கத்தில் இருந்து விடுபடுவது ஆகும்.

எந்த ஒரு பெண்ணுக்கும் கணவனே குருவின் ஸ்தானத்தில் இருக்கிறான். ஆகையால் தான், கணவனை பிரியாதிருத்தல் கற்புடைய மங்கையரின் நிலைப்பாடு. இந்த மானுட வாழ்வு நிலையற்றது. நிலையற்ற வாழ்வுக்காக, லட்சியத்தில் பிறழ்வது அறிவீனம். இந்த உலகத்தில், நாம் காணும் மரியாதை, அவமரியாதை, சுகம், துக்கம் அனைத்தும் நிலையற்றது.

மரியாதை, சுகம், செல்வாக்கு இவற்றுக்கெல்லாம் ஆசை பட்டு செயல் புரிவது அறிவீனம். மகாபாரத்தில், அரசன் கர்ணன் மிக உயர்ந்தவன்.

கவச - குண்டலங்களை இழந்தால் உயிருக்கே ஆபத்து என உணர்ந்திருந்தும், இந்திரனுக்கு அதை சேமித்து கொடுத்துவிட்டான். காரணம், அவன் பிறவி லட்சியமான கொடையினிலிருந்து பிறழாமல் இருக்கவே. அதுவே, யுத்தக்களத்தில், பரமாத்மாவின் ஸ்வரூபமான கண்ணனுக்கே தானம் கொடுக்கும் மிக அறிய ஸ்தானத்தை பெற்றுக்கொடுத்தது.

தர்மத்தை நிலை நாட்ட, பரமாத்மாவே, கர்ணனிடம் யாசிக்க வேண்டிய நிலைமை ஏற்ப்பட்டது. தர்மத்தை நிலை நிறுத்துவது, பரமாத்மாவின் கடமை. தர்மத்தை நிலை நிறுத்தியது கர்ணனின் கொடை. இதுவல்லவோ, கர்ணனின் உயர்வு. கற்பின் பெருமை.


நினைப்பு தான் பிறப்பு. ஒரு ஜீவன் உடலை விட்டு பிரியும் பொழுது எவ்விதமான எண்ணத்துடன் இருக்கிறதோ, அந்த எண்ணத்திற்கேற்ப அடுத்த ஜென்மம் அமையும்.

ஒரு உயிரை செயற்கை முறையில் உருவாக்குவது செயற்கரிய செயல் அல்ல. ஸ்ரிஷ்டியின் படைப்பாளியான பிரமன் இருக்கும் பொழுதே, தன் தவ வலிமையினால் விஸ்வாமித்திரன் ஒரு தனி ஸ்வர்கத்தையே உருவாக்கினான்.

விஸ்வாமித்திரன் பொய் என்றால், காளிதாசன் எழுதிய சாகுந்தலமும் பொய், வஷிஷ்டனும் பொய், ராமனும் பொய், மகாபாரதமும் பொய் என்றாகிவிடும். இன்றும் கடலுக்கடியில் துவாரகையும், நள சேதுவும் உள்ளனவே. ஆகவே, ஒரு ஜீவனுக்கு பல ஜென்மங்கள் உண்டு என்பது உண்மை.

நான் செய்கிறேன் என்ற கர்த்ருத்வத்துடன் செய்யப்படும் எந்த செயலும் கர்மாவை அதிகப்படுத்தும். கர்மா உள்ள வரையிலும் ஜென்மம் உண்டு. தவிர்க்கமுடியாதது.

கர்மாவை தீர்க்கவேண்டுமெனில், புதிய கர்மா சேராமல் காக்கவேண்டுமெனில்., கர்த்ருத்வம் இல்லாதிருக்க வேண்டும். நான் செய்கிறேன் எனும் நினைப்பே கர்த்ருத்வம் ஆகும். அதை போக்கிக்கொள்ளவே, குருவின் துணை அவசியம்.

குருவானவர் சீடனுக்கு செய்யும் உபகாரம் அளவிடமுடியாததாகும். பல ஜென்மங்களில் தவம் செய்து பெற்ற அறிய ஞானம் எனும் பொக்கிஷத்தை,குருவானவர் தம்மை சரண் அடைந்த சீடனுக்கு உள்ளங்கை நெல்லிக்கனி போல் வழங்குகிறார்

இந்த பேருபகாரத்திற்கு எந்த சீடனாலும் குருவிற்கு கைமாறு செய்துவிடமுடியாது. குருவின் துணை இன்றி ஆத்மஞானத்தை அடையமுடியாது. யானைக்கு தும்பிக்கை எப்படியோ, அப்படியே மனிதருக்கு நம்பிக்கை.


மனம் நின்றால்தான் ஆத்மா பிரகாசிக்கும். குருவை விட ஸ்ரேஷ்டமானவர் இல்லை. நாம் பக்தி செய்வதால் ஈஸ்வரனுக்கோ, குருவுக்கோ ஒரு லாபமும் இல்லை; நமக்கே தான் பெரிய லாபம். மனம் குருபக்தியில் நனைந்தால், உடனே பலன் உண்டாகும். குரு பக்தியால் சாதிக்க இயலாத காரியமும் உண்டோ?

பலனை எதிர்பார்க்காமல் காரியம் செய்யும் போது, காரியத்தின் பலன் என்பதை விட, சித்த சுத்தி எனும் மிக பெரிய பலன் உண்டாகும். ஒழுக்கத்தின் முதல் அங்கம் பணிவு எனும் அடக்கம் எனும் விநயம். குருகுலவாசத்தில் பயிலும் மாணவனை ஆகையால் தான் விநேயன் என்பது.

சலனத்தின் எதிர்பதம் சாந்தம். குரு என்று ஒருவரை தேடி அலைவது நம் கடமை. இங்கே அலைவது என்றால் மனதில் பிரார்த்தனை செய்வது என்று பொருள். குரு என்று ஒருவரை வரித்தபின், அவருடைய யோகியதாம்சங்களை பார்க்க கூடாது. குருவிடம் லாப நஷ்ட கணக்கு பார்க்க கூடாது.

உலகத்தில் லாபம் நஷ்டம் என்பது உண்மையில் நிரந்தரமாக இல்லை. அவை சிறிது காலம் இருப்பது போல் தொன்றுவனையே. யோகியதை இல்லாத குருவிடம் அடங்கி இருந்தாலே மனம் நிரம்ப பக்குவமடையும். ஈஸ்வரன் நம்மை பரீட்சித்து மனதின் பக்குவத்தை திடபடுத்தவே இப்படி ஏற்பட்டிருக்கிறது.

நமக்கென்று லாப நஷ்டம் பார்க்காமல், குரு என்று ஒருத்தரை நம்பி சரண் அடைந்து விட்டால், ஈஸ்வரன் முடிவில் பரம லாபமான ஆத்மஞானத்தை கொடுத்துவிடுவான்.


I hail the five day fortyfive hours work schedule; with weekends off. Six hours focused work on weekdays address the day to day pressing commitments. The weekend disengagement from work, shall be days of introspection on the larger aspect of the work and progress that is in process.

An ideal and best team consists of professionals performing tasks and functions that are distinct from the rest, and in a cascading effect; that adds positively to the overall objective.

Work smart than work hard. An intermittent disengagement from work, relieves the mind off the pressure, the unrelated activities rejuvenates it and lo, sparks new ideas and the so long dark shades pale off.


Peace of mind can never be achieved through material prosperity. Peace of mind is achieved when we minimize expectations. Absolute peace is when one transcends expectations.

Transcending expectations indicates a desire-free state of mind. Expecting happiness from external sources is the biggest folly of mankind. The tangible wealth and property is the mightiest weapon that tie us down and steal our state of mental freedom.

Imagine I travel by the government transport from one place to the other; in the case of vehicle malfunction before I reach my destination, I have the liberty to choose another transport with considerable ease. If I travel by the vehicle that I own, I am BOUND till I make alternate arrangements for the vehicle to be taken care of.

Real intelligence and independence lies in minimising our material comfort; and staying simple. A detached state of mind to the impermanent aspects of life is the key to peace of mind. A detached state of mind indicates selflessness and never carelessness.

Ability to meditate is a result of the detached state of mind. Meditation is never possible as long as we remain attached to external objects. Its sheer foolishness to be proud of our intellectual achievements. Since when did we become intelligent? If so, shall we accept that we were fools before? There shall come a time when the intelligence would wane and perish.

Even human intelligence is impermanent. Accepting this eternal fact is wisdom. Rise of this wisdom bestows humility. With humility comes the ability to empathise with others. Empathy evokes ability to forgive and respect. This eventually escalates our mind to a higher level, devoid of desires and hence expansive. It enables us to perceive the larger aspects of life and reason life as such. A strong reasoning on the impermanency of material pursuits grants us stability of mind and that evolves to eternal peace.


Language is necessary and important when we flow outwards; Meditation on the other hand is an inward flow in pursuit of self-awareness. Meditation does not make us introverts rather enable us unite with the universal one.

Meditation makes us expansive and refines us to listen to our inner voice. Meditation is the only route to shed the sense of performance and remain a witness to the game of the universal singleton. Success in meditation can be achieved only with the blessings and support of Sadguru.


சத்குரு மூர்த்தியின் பாதுகைகளில் இருந்து தான் ஓம்கார மூர்த்தியை சாக்ஷாத்கரிக்க முடியும். குருவின் துணை இன்றி ஒருபோதும் இதை நேரிடையாக அடைய முடியாது.

குரு என்பவர், பண்டிதரோ, மத பிரசாரகரோ இல்லை. உள்கனம் பொருந்தியவரே குரு. எவரும் குருவை தேடி கொள்ள வேண்டியதில்லை. சிஷ்யன் பக்குவம் அடைந்தால், குருவின் அருள் தானாக சிஷ்யனை தேடி வரும். குருவின் கிருபையை அடைய, நாம் செய்ய வேண்டியது என்னவெனில், நம்மை நாமே பக்குவ படுத்தி கொள்ள வேண்டியதே.

பக்குவ பட்ட மனத்தின் வெளிபாடு தான் அடக்கம் எனும் பணிவு எனும் விநயம். நமக்கு பிடித்த ஏதாவது ஒரு தெய்வ உருவத்தை சங்கல்பித்து அதனிடம் முழுமையாக நம்மை அர்பணித்து விட வேண்டும். காரணம் அற்ற நம்பிக்கையே சரணாகதியின் வெளிப்பாடு.


Tease and insult are two different and distinct entities. Tease bears out of love. Insult bears out of hate. Ability to differentiate between the two aptly identifies our level of intellectual acumen in reasoning. The best refute to an insult is to ignore and remain silent without reprisal or hatred.

Love and compassion are the two most powerful weapons in the hands of man which when used properly would win over hate and malice. The essential prerequisites to effectively use the weapons - Love and Compassion are detachment and selflessness.            When we are able to remain detached from the fruit of our actions, then our every action becomes worship and penance. Detachment is the key to peace of mind. Simplicity is the expression of detachment.


ஆன்மீக பயணத்தின் ஒரு நிலையில், வெட்கம், மானம், ரோஷம் போன்ற உணர்சிகள் போய்விடத்தான் வேண்டும். சந்நியாசிக்கு நியதி ஒரு வேளை உணவு; அதிலும் உணவில் உப்பை விலக்கி அலவனமாக சாப்பிட வேண்டும். சகல விதமான உணர்சிகளை தூண்டிவிட வல்லது உப்பு மட்டுமே.

நாம் நல்ல எண்ணங்களை வளர்த்துக்கொள்ள வேண்டும். நல்லது என்றால், ஈஸ்வரன் தான் நல்லது. இவ்வுலகத்தில் தோன்றும் வேறு எதுவுமே நல்லதில்லை.

பிச்சை எடுக்க அதிகாரம் உள்ள ஒரே பிரிவு பிராமணன் மட்டுமே. காரணம் வேதம் ஓத பணிவு வேண்டும். பிச்சை எடுத்து ஜீவிக்க வேண்டும் என்ற நியதி வகுத்தது பணிவு வளர வேண்டும் என்பதற்கே.


No one must commit suicide. It should always be avoided. Suicide is an act of extremism that has a bearing on one's past. Generally, Suicide indicates the colossal loss of hope to live and future is seemingly nullified. I see suicide as an alternate path to life. It should not be seen as an end rather a beginning.

Death is an incident wherein one just sheds the body, because there happens to be no sense in continuing one's activities through this body. I see suicide as an acceptance of the failure of the intellect in its ability to continue successfully in the present body. Though the intellect has accepted its failure, it still possesses its individuality; hence the decision on suicide.

The failure of one's intellect enables us to understand the existence of a supreme being that controls and guides us. The decision on suicide when made, should in fact free the mind, making it calm and composed. The decision on suicide is highly individualistic.

If the decision to suicide is made; then one should look at the future and never the past. Suicide is a voluntary and forceful act of trans-locating ourselves from an undesired past and present to a future of hope and success. Understanding and dwelling in this idea would make us suicide with a positive mind intently fixed on prayers and surrender.

If suicide has been decided as the only option available, then prudence is in executing it with a positive mind, full of hope and prayers on the almighty. Suicide when occurs with a mind full of prayers on almighty, would secure a better life that befits our desires and also elevates us spiritually. The latter part is the point of focus and is most important.

We could relate it to an incident in the epic Mahabharatha. The story of the princess of Kashi, Ms.Amba. She missed to be elevated spiritually. Fate put her in a fix, wherein she can't return to her dad, her lover would not accept her and she cannot marry the prince for whom she was abducted.

She could have spent the entire life-span as 'Amba' in prayers and penance, taking it as the divine will; or she could have committed suicide with mind totally surrendered and fixed intently on the supreme self. In which case, her forthcoming birth could have been in such a manner that satiate her desires and also elevate her spiritually. But her sense of performance made her commit suicide with anger and vengeance over Bheeshm only to be reborn as Shikandi.

The mind of Shikandi was never happy. It was always burning with rage and hatred. Peace was lost in its totality. Bheeshm who knew the history and focus of Shikandi, was in total peace, even when hit by the arrows of Arjuna shielded by Shikandi, and also during shedding his body at the dawn of Uttaraayana. Bheeshm was able to be in peace as he understood that his valour and ability can in no way prevent or change the destined future.


Eternal peace can be achieved only when we shed our sense of performance. The moment we shed our sense of performance, the sense of possession also is shed automatically. The sense of performance and possession are the two binding ropes that pull us away from eternal peace.

The moment we shed the sense of performance and possession, we gain ability to witness the inherent impermanency of nature. Experiencing the inherent impermanency of nature, we begin to travel inwards. This is when we begin to become self-centralised in the spiritual sense.

When we gain stability in self-centralising us in the spiritual plane, we stop reacting. we just act, irrespective of external stimuli. When actions are performed with detachment on the results of it; when we stop reacting to the fruit of our so called actions, karma begins to diminish. When karma gets exhausted, awareness lights up. The route to eternal peace.


The psychological evolution of a person is marked by one's ability to perceive and comprehend the subtle aspects of life.

A hundred relatives here, a hundred relatives there; relatives ..relatives everywhere.

Smile at one's birth, cry at one's death, laugh, fight, petty feelings over silly matters.

so very similar.

At the end of the show, that alone which remain is eternal truth. Truth is only one. Adwaitham.


Spiritual upliftment is characterised by the person being bigger than the professional that one is. The professional engulfs the person in us, when we run after money, authority and false pride. In the eternal war between the person and the professional in every human being, the victor decides the nature of the concerned.

The issue is whether we win over the situation or become a prey to it, decides our nature then. When the professional engulfs the person in us, we limit ourselves to a very small circle of pretence and deceit. When the person engulfs the professional in us, we begin to see and feel our fellowmen and their sentiments as our own.

This is when our selfishness begin to wane and we tend to become expansive with empathy and respect. The most difficult and tricky examination in life is the precise evaluation of the real worth of a person. We succeed in assessing the real worth of a person, only when we become expansive with selflessness and empathy.

The inference is that, every human being is basically good. Spiritual upliftment is our ability to look beneath the facade of pretence and deceit at the real person that one is.


Nothing in all the fourteen worlds is permanent. Everything is predetermined. There is no free will. Destiny is certain. Fighting against destiny is foolishness in action.

Kamsa knew his destiny; so did Parikshit. Their attitude towards destiny made all the difference. Kamsa fought against his destiny and committed innumerable errors and hence remains condemned by everyone even today.

Parikshit accepted his destiny with humility and hence gained the blessings of Maharishi Sukhar. Detachment to the fruit of one's actions is the key to eternal peace.


Death is just a beginning. As long as we die, we have to take birth again. We are born because, we have died some time ago. The only way to surpass this cycle of birth and death is to not die. One must shed this body with complete awareness.

Everyone of us are imprisoned. We are all prisoners. We are imprisoned in this body. We are tied and our freedom curtailed by chains of relations and emotions. The only way to freedom is to surrender one's mind to a GURU. The essence of spirituality is humility.


The success of the super-hero concept and its related thoughts and movies, staggers me. The success of such movies is an indication of our earnest pursuit to claim power and authority. The aspiration in most of us to show-off our supremacy over fellow beings is the trigger. The irony lies in our losing our subtlety.

We are losing our capabilities to grasp the subtle aspects of life; moving towards superficial gross display of power and authority. When we hail the super-hero concept, though everyone wants good to win; the black hole that engulfs one's merit is the loss of humility to the thought of performance and hence ego.

There were days when we grew up listening to puranic tales; wherein everyone were mere common men; and it can be only GOD that can save everyone else from evil. The best act of every common man then was to pray earnestly to GOD accepting his limitations with humility. When humility arises empathy accompanies. Empathy and humility gives birth to respect and love.

Humility and Empathy maketh a man - HE-MAN. But when we say HE-MAN, what we perceive is gross physical power; and here lies the irony in spite of his depiction to be good - The Black Hole. This is the case with every super-hero concept. So very deceptive they are. Always..

I perceive all these super-hero concepts and ideas as the manifestation of the Kali Yuga. Let us all try not to be super-heroes but normal human beings with every effort to be good and humble.

The world is in need of honest, good and normal human beings with limitations on the gross front. One's limitations on the gross front is the essence of humility. These limitations are actually blessing in disguise, quite opposite to the super-hero ideas which are a curse in disguise.

It is vivid that the super-hero ideas and concepts are imaginary; but our aspirations for power, authority over humility and empathy are real. Bitter Truth. Super hero concepts and ideas are mere reflections of our choice for power and authority over humility and empathy.


Of all the relationships entertained by human beings, the Guru-Sishya relationship is the most revered. The complete surrender of the Sishya to one's Guru, dissolving oneself completely in the Guru; reciprocated by the blessings of the Guru; thereby uniting as one entity though two forms is the reason.

In the traditional Hindu value system, every married lady is expected to revere her husband as Guru. This is precisely the reason for the chastity of a lady been given much significance. When a person, the Sishya dissolves completely in the Guru with blind faith and total surrender, there remains no need for words to communicate.

Having accepted a person as one's Guru, one should never falter in faith or seek another whatever may be the reason; even if it is a fact that the person revered as Guru is a cheat. In which case, the solution is to end the physical proximity; but still revere that form and name, with the same amount of faith and surrender. If done so; the blessings that should have come from the Guru would reach us from the universal singleton.


Ego of man rests on "I" and "Mine". GOD laughs whenever man utters, "I" and "Mine". We are mere puppets in the hands of GOD. No puppet has free will. Everything is predetermined. Accepting this fact is applied intelligence.

When one accepts that everything is predetermined, one stops reacting. We get detached from the thought of performance and the results arising thereof. Come whatever, the mind is ever stable and at peace. When the mind is calm and serene; it begins to dissolve and disappear.

Success in life is characterised by the degree of humility that one has been able to gain in life. Humility makes us expansive thereby minimising the ebb and tide of the mind. Humility bestows simplicity. Simplicity allows us to look at the psychological substratum of life.

The psychological substratum of life is its inherent impermanency. Mirage. Anything that has a beginning should certainly face its end; meaning it is enclosed by the factor time and space. Even time and space is dynamic; ever-changing; hence an unchanging substratum is essential?. Man alone has this ability to reason and analyse. The real self transcends time and space. Who am I?


Losing to our contestant is enjoyable, when we remain encapsulated in love, empathy and respect.

Competition is a mirage. Nobody competes with anyone. The thought of competing with a fellow person is illusion and self-deceit.

The rise of thoughts on competing with a fellow person effectively misplaces our focus from the task to the so called competitor.


Fear and love can never coexist. Where there is love, fear is just impossible. When fear creeps in, love begins to wane. GOD is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient; but it happens to be the first entity to get bashed by us in the event of any misfortune or adversity that we face. The reason is the love that we have developed towards GOD, that effectively removes every element of fear arising out of its omnipotence.

Can anyone claim the same amount of fearlessness towards any other entity minus the love factor? Impossible. So, every person can fathom out the life of love in their relationships. If you are afraid of me, You do not love me; If you love me, there is no logical reason for you to be afraid of me. Simple.


Lighting clay lamps in puja room is more sensible than brass or silver lamps. Clay lamps in puja room signifies humility. Humility is the only quality that would beget us the grace of GOD. Surrendering our mind and ego is the best thing that can be given by us to GOD.

Why Shiva is GOD? Because, he was able to consume poison selflessly to save others. Humility and empathy are the qualities that elevate us to greater spiritual heights. When we surrender completely to a Guru or God, the beauty is that, we just cannot make mistakes.

We shall forever be guided by the supreme being without fail. In effect, we would be perceived by everyone else as more refined, intelligent and matured. When the fact remains that, we have safely landed ourselves in the ever protecting hands of the almighty.

Humility and faith are the two qualities that can safely place us in the ever protecting hands of the almighty. When GOD/GURU is with me, who can be against me?.


When a person dies, all of us pray his soul rest in peace. We also use RIP abbreviating it. How many of us have actually understood the real meaning of peace?

Peace is a state when the mind is devoid of desire. A desire-free mind is the substratum of peace. As long as we desire, the mind starts rushing to materialise and achieve it.

A lazy mind, and a mind devoid of desire are two different and distinct entities. A lazy mind is filled with desire to reap benefits without exertion. A desire free mind is the result of detachment arising out of understanding the inherent impermanency of external pursuits of life.

Complete surrender to a Guru or a form of God is the essence of a desire free mind. Peace is at the Guru's feet.


வாழ்க்கையில் சந்தேகமும், பயமும் இருக்க வேண்டியதுதான்; ஆனால் அதுவே வாழ்க்கையாகிவிட கூடாது.

நம்பிக்கையும், நல்ல எண்ணங்களுமே வாழ்க்கையாக வேண்டும். அதுவே சிறப்பு.

நல்லது என்றால் தெய்வம் ஒன்று தான் நல்லது. இந்த உலகத்தில் நல்லது என்று வேறு எதுவுமே இல்லை.


A well defined process is a prerequisite for competency mapping. Analysing every employee as a person and as a professional to provide an active slot for one to contribute and learn is the basis of Employee Engagement. Employee Engagement activities calls for an effective and empathetic leadership; without which, any effort is an exercise in futility. Leadership matters most.

What kind of a leader does an organisation possess decides the fate of the employees enthusiasm and contribution. When an employee does not have the elasticity to make mistakes to learn from it, and still be respected; result is mere 'yes-boss' types to save jobs. An organisation hierarchy would deliver only if it spikes the learning curve of the people associated. The freedom to make mistakes is a prerequisite to learn.


தனக்கு விதிக்கப்பட்ட கடமையை ஈஸ்வரார்ப்பனமாக செய்வதாலும், தவத்தாலும், இறைவனை வணங்கி வழிபடுவதாலும், ஒருவன் ஆத்மஞானதிற்கான தகுதியை அடைகிறான். அதாவது, அஹங்காரத்தை துறந்தால், ஆத்மஞானத்திற்கான வழி கிடைக்கும்.


இங்கிருந்து பட்டு வேஷ்டி, பட்டு சட்டை, பட்டு அங்கவஸ்திரம் அணிந்து கொண்டு, அருளை வேண்டி பழநிக்கோ, அல்லது குருவாயூருக்கோ சென்றால், அங்கு இருப்பவனோ கோவணம் மட்டுமே அணிந்துகொண்டு நிற்கிறான்.

கை ஏந்துபவன் பட்டு வேஷ்டி, பட்டு அங்கவஸ்திரம் அணிந்து கொண்டு இருக்கிறான், கொடுப்பவனோ, கோவணம் மட்டுமே அணிந்து கொண்டு நிற்கிறான்..

நாம் நம்முடைய ஆசைகளை துறந்து, பணிவை அடைந்தால் அன்றி, உலகத்தில் உள்ளோர்க்கு உண்மையில் உபகரிக்க முடியாது.


Intelligence is not finding faults with others as a display of our superiority. Intelligence is the ability to maintain peace and progress of every entity concerned in an ethical manner.

Leadership is not procrastination. Leadership is the ability to take decisions; shoulder responsibility to maintain peace and progress.


Movies are manifestations of Gandharvaveda. Gandharvaveda is the Upaveda of Samaveda. The focus of Gandharvaveda is to amuse the human mind. An actor is one who practice Gandharvaveda. The success of an actor lies in one's ability to amuse the human mind. For instance, Rajnikant's mass appeal lies in his efforts to amuse the mind of the audience with his gimmicks and style. Kamalhaasan has chosen a different route to amuse the mind of the audience. The character 'Appu' has its share of amusement quotient till date.?

The focus of an actor is to amuse the mind of the audience and capture a relatively larger mindshare - here lies the competition. Benefit to oneself and the society lies in the ethical nature of the person's efforts to capture the mindshare of the audience. More the ethical, larger the benefit. Ethics constitute traditional values of the region too.


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